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Taner stood dumbfounded, the word just now still echoing in her head.

Five minutes ago

"I'm I speaking with miss Lu Taner?" a woman asked.

"Yes, who's asking?".

"I'm a nurse from the hospital, doctor Su Woobin asked me to contact you, your dad condition is in a very critical condition... I'm afraid he won't make it if we don't perform the surgery immediately". The woman replied calmly.

"WHAT!" the phone fell from her hand.


"Taner are you OK?" Jiseok asked shaking her from her thoughts. Tears poured out from her eyes.


"Calm down and speak clearly". He gave her water to drink. She took a deep breath, "My dad is gonna die if I don't pay for his surgery, please can I go home now...my dad....". Taner sat on the ground crying, she couldn't control herself anymore.

"Why is all this happening to me? What wrong did I do? Everyone I love just keeps leaving me.... Why?? First seok, now my dad? What wrong did I do? I'm so tired.... I don't have the strength anymore... I'm tired... I give up... Congratulations life i admit defeat!! You won!!". Taner screamed cry her heart out. All her life, she's been content with what she has. They say after rain comes the sun but, she doesn't really see any sun now. All she sees is the endless rain. She tried to remain strong, but this is the limit. At this point she is ready to do anything to get the money.

"As much as I enjoy watching you self blame yourself, I think it's more wise for you to rush back home". Jiseok said calmly masking his pain.

"You're definitely right". Taner stood up immediately, "Please excuse me". She rushed out of the room. Jiseok stood there motionless as he watched her leave with his unreadable face. He took out his phone and quickly made a call.

"Yo Rodri, never thought you missed me so soon". The person from the other line said laughing.

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"Enough of your jokes, I need you to get every info you can on Lu Ling".

"Yo Rodri, you've been asking me to do a lot of digging, what are you up to?" Sammy replied.

"You have two hours". Jiseok said and ended the call.

"Asshole". Sammy cursed as he stared at his screen. He immediately got to work.


Korean, City Z

"Mom". Taner ran to her mom immediately she entered the hospital.

"My poor innocent baby". Jiwoo cried as she hugged her tightly. "Mummy's really sorry she's useless and can't help you..... Please forgive mum".

"Mum please don't blame yourself... It's not your fault". She wiped her tears, "See I'm okay and perfectly fine, I'm now a secretary to one of the richest and most powerful man in the world and I can gather enough money to pay for dad treatment, so don't worry.... Please stop crying mom". Taner gently wiped her mom's tears. Jiwoo looked at her daughter apologet

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