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"Well that's the fun, besides it's been long I cleared some trash". Jiseok smiled slyly twirling the pen in his fingers. Sammy resigned giving up. He forgot who his friend really is. "If I were you I would be praying right now for Taner to come because if she doesn't.... I don't know what I'll do to you". Hr smiled dangerously and broke the silver pen in his fingers into two. Sammy gulped audibly staring at him scared.

Just them the door was opened and a breathless Taner ran inside.


They both stared at her in shock as her word echoed. Taner looked at him waiting for his reply, seeing as there is no reply she walked shakily to him, she looked at him, her heart beating wildly before repeating herself.

"I accept to be your fiance".

Jiseok smiled secretly before staring at her trying to act indifference, "You know we are getting married three months time".

"I know". She replied confidently.

"There will be no turning back".

"I know".

"No divorce". Jiseok said sternly.

Taner hesitated for a while before agreeing.

"We would do everything married people do".

"Wait what?" Taner asked surprised. Jiseok smirked seeing her reaction, "You don't expect me to be married and not experience it, if you don't agree you can back off". He smirked.

"I..... I accept".

"Enough already and sign the damn contract!" Sammy shouted annoyed. He couldn't stand it any longer.

"I'm sorry I didn't know you have a visitor". Taner apologised.

"Oh him! He's a nobody". Sammy almost exploded when he heard his reply.

"Fuck you Rodriguez!" he cursed angrily in his mind. "I'm Sammy one of your fiance best friends, nice to finally meet you sister in law". He grinned as he hugged her. Jiseok glared at him sharply watching him like he was about to devour him. Taner quickly signed the contract not noticing the intense atmosphere.

"I've already signed it, now can you pay for my father's operation?" Taner looked at him hopeful.

"Sure love". He smiled tenderly before making a call. Taner was a little taken aback by the way he addressed her.

"Done". He smiled as he kept his phone.

"Thank you so much". She rushed to him and hugged him. Jiseok was surprised by the action but greatly enjoyed feeling her big soft blossom pressing his arm. He was already turned on just by feeling it. Taner realised what she did and awkwardly removed her arms.

"I'm sorry". She apologised.

"No need to apologise, you are already my fiance". Jiseok said with his lips slightly curved up in a smile. He stood up and walked to her slowly staring at her intently. With each step, Taner could feel her heart beating loudly. She was so drawn to his mesmerising ocean blue eyes and couldn't take her eyes off him. Jiseok quickly signalled for Sammy to leave them.

"Just when it was getting interesting". He grumbled as he grudgingly left the office.

Seeing that Sammy is gone he smiled internally. He looked at Taner as he continued walking closer to her. She continued moving backwards and he continued advancing until her back hits the wall. He placed his hands besides her head locking her in position with nowhere to run. His expensive manly cologne envelope her. She couldn't stare at him as her heart was beating wildly so she lowered her eyes and stared at his expensive leather shoes.

"Taner". He called with his seductive deep hoarse voice. His minty breath fanned her face and her mind was already in turmoil. "Look at me Taner". She could feel all her blood rushing to her face as it became red like a tomato. Seeing as she still refused to look at him, he grabbed her chin with the right amount of force, tightly just enough to force her to look at him but not injure her. Taner stared into his mesmerising and charming ocean blue eyes.

"Taner". He called tenderly as he stared at her beautiful violet catlike eyes staring at him. Taner brain as officially shut down when he called her tenderly. She stoo

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