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'Sometimes the past should remain in the past

It could destroy us if it comes out

But no matter what we do

The past always finds a way to reveal itself

So we must be prepared for that day'.

"You have to pay me triple for this work, it was actually very hard to get any information about her". Sammy said. "But luckily for you, you came to the right person". He smiled smugly.

"Cut the crap and show me everything already..or else I won't give you a penny". Jiseok said annoyed.

"Okay, no need to get feisty, I was just joking chill". Sammy said raising his hand showing he surrenders. He opened his bag and bought out a lot of files. "Do you still remember the Asura's?" he asked seriously.

"Yes, they were a powerful organisation and once tormented the world, how is that related to her?".

"Well, it has everything to do with her. Check this out". Sammy said as he opened one of the files. He continued, "We all know that the Asura's where a secret organisation that existed years ago, they had a unique eye and hair colour that easily identified them, which is red and violet". He paused looking at Jiseok. "Well, this file contains every important information about Asura's, read it before I continue". Jiseok took the file and immediately started reading.

A long time ago, about six decades ago, there was a very powerful family of royalty that dominated and ruled both the underworld and all organisations. They were very powerful and possess powers. No one dare messes with them or they will die a very painful death. Everyone was scared of them. This powerful organisation was ruled by a couple, king Asura Matteo and Queen Asura Violet. Nobody dared act against this two powerful couple. They had only one child, Princess Asura Valeria. Their skin was so beautiful, flawless and white that some believed they were elves. But they were no elves, they were demons. They had the power to control people and they were very strong. Asura Violet had violet eyes and red hair, while Asura Matteo had black eyes, darker than night itself with a mixture of violet in his eyes, and black at one side of his hair while the other side is red. Valeria was different from her parents. She didn't have her parents powers and only had their red hair. The Asura's formed a powerful organisation and ruled the world. They were no kind rulers. Rather they were cold, ruthless and heartless. They ruled with no pity but with terror and an iron fist. Their members had extraordinary strength and were cruel. The Asura's had only one weakness, their daughter.

Valeria unlike her parents was kindhearted and didn't support her parents way of ruling but didn't have any powers to stop them. Many people says she has a heart of gold, an angel, and could not believe she was a child of those demons. Even though their daughter had no powers, they protected her and loved her. Valeria grew up having everything she needed, she loved her parents dearly. She was supposed to be the next heir of the Asura's empire but sadly, she fell in love with the heir of the Yang's. The Yang's were another powerful family but not as powerful as the Asura's. Unlike the Asura's, the Yang's had three sons who fought hard to be the next heir.

The Asura's were against Valeria relationship with Yang Zen Ling. Yang Zen Ling never knew the real identity of Valeria but still loved her. He even gave up his rights to be heir and cut all ties with his family just for her. The Asura's still refused for their daughter to marry him and even arranged for her to marry another man. If there was one thing Valeria inherited from her parents is their stubbornness. She refused to listen to them and even tried eloping with him. This greatly broke her parents heart, they did all they could to change her mind but failed. They cut off all ties with her to try and stop her but failed. Valeria happily left them with Yang Zen Ling. This broke the Asura's and they never remained the same. After

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