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"I've got some pretty bad news for you". Hangul said and ran to him immediately he entered the house.

"Yo Bro check out what the reporters are saying about you". Jimmy also ran to him with his tablet. Jiseok lazily took the tablet and glance through it. The contents of the news left him speechless.

"Don't believe whatever you see in the news, besides that's my friend Sammy". Jiseok said nonchalantly as he changed into his house slippers.

"Boss it's not as easy as you said it, most of our clients are backing away from the deal and some who still choose to cooperate with us are willing to continue unless you prove the news is fake. Thus news affected our company shares and its dropping significantly". Secretary Chan hurried to explain showing him the statistics.

"Hahaha". Jiseok laughed coldly with a sinister smile. "They are trying to dethrone me! The king of the business world, let's see then try. Chan woo find out who started thus crazy rumour immediately, I'll deal with the rest myself".

"Hmm.... Bro.... Honestly aren't you really gay? I mean you have never dated any girls, and you seem irritated just looking at them so I thought....." Hangul quickly elbowed him signaling him to shut up.

"KIM JIHO ROLANDIGO!!" Jiseok said angrily. Jiho shivered in shock.

"What do you think of suspending your next album release to next year". Jiseok said with his lips curved up to a slight smile. But to Jiho, that doesn't look like a smile at all, it seems like a snarl.

"Big Brother I'm joking!! Just kidding!! Big brother is completely Straight! And attracted to women with big boobs!" he screamed as he ran after Jiseok trying to pacify him.

"Make that two years".


Hangul stood there shaking his head as he watched Jiho continue digging his own grave.

"At this rate, he isn't going to debut for ten years". He said laughing. "Your boss is too strict, he has to loosen up a bit ya know".

Secretary Chan was left all alone. He wanted to scream at his bad boss but hold back his tongue for fear of being fired.

"Oh right Chan woo, your salary for one year will be deducted for not doing your job properly". Jiseok came down and announced before going back up. Chan woo stood there dumbfounded with tears rolling down his eyes. He cursed Jiseok several times in his heart. He has always heard people calling him the devilish CEO but he never believed them until now that he finally got a taste of the devil's evil. He left the house sadly, crying for his one year salary as he drove away. From today, he learnt a very important lesson and that is to stay far away from the devil when's he is in a bad mood or you will get implicated.


Taner sat on her bed carefully counting the money she had for her dad's surgery when her phone rang, interrupting her.

"Who's the bastard interrupting me and my money??" she angrily picked up her phone from the bed side table and was dumbfounded as she stared at the name on her screen.

"Fuck! What does the big devil want from me?" she panicked before gingerly answering the call.

"Took you quite a long time miss Lu to answer my call, I'm starting to think you no longer want your job". Jiseok sarcastic comment could be heard loudly from the phone. Taner made a killing notion before speaking.

"Sorry Mr Kim, I was busy doing something important just now, if there's nothing urgent I'll like to hang up the call and continue my business". Taner replied lazily.

"You won't dare". Jiseok said confidently.

"Oh then dear Jiseok watch me". Taner replied as she hung up the call and threw the phone on the bed angrily. "WHO THE HECK DOES HE THINK HE IS!! I'M LU TANER AND NOBODY CAN THREATEN ME!!" she screamed angrily.


She received a message from her phone and decided to glance through it.

"Three months salary has been deducted from you, if you still don't come to work now then make it permanent deduction throughout your

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