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"Seok Seok please don't go, don't go! Don't leave me! I love you Seok Seok, please come back, Seok Seok!!" Taner woke up crying, she sat on the bed confused. It's been long she had this dream why is she having it now? She took a glass of water and drank it, she sighed.

" seok seok, I miss you even now, I hope you are alright wherever you are, when will I see you again. Do you know I have been waiting for you for a long time? Do you still remember your Taner?" she held the Swan bracelet touching their initials, she still remember this day and often had lots of nightmare. She sat there crying and remembering everything.

'Hush hush, baby hush hush, I need you to hold me'. Taner wiped her tears and picked up her phone.

"Get ready and come to my room in five minutes time". He hung up the call.

"Devil! Didn't even give me a choice!" she angrily threw her phone on the bed and carefully kept her bracelet back.

Five minutes later,

Knock knock

"Come in".

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Taner carefully entered the room, "Good evening Jiseok".

"Have a seat". He said without taking his eyes off his laptop. "Have you gone through the files?"


"Tell me what you think about it?" he finally took his eyes off his laptop to look at her. He knew she was beautiful no matter what she wears but seeing her wearing just a big shirt with her hair packed in two buns she looked mesmerising and cute and he suddenly felt aroused just looking at her talk and move about.

"So what do you think Jiseok?" she asked after explaining her idea.

"We will go with your idea". He said finally. He stood up and walked to his mini bar coming back with two glasses and a bottle of wine, "Would you like a drink?"

"What's the occasion?" Taner asked suspicious.

"Nothing just feel like having a drink". He said pouring a glass for her and giving her.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" she eyed the drink suspiciously.

"What can I gain from that?" he calmly took a sip watching her every move.

"Well.... You can take advantage of me".

"Don't delude yourself, you don't turn me on". He took another sip. "Besides if I want to have sex with you i won't stoop so low and you will be the one begging for it".

"You!!!" Taner angrily drank the full glass. She took the wine and poured herself another glass.

"Have you ever been to the amusement Park?" he suddenly asked her.

"Yeah when I was seven, but I hate it now". She said sadly.

"Why?" he asked curiously, twirling the drink in his hand as he stared at her intently.

"Because that was where he left me", she whispered silently with tears threatening to spill from her eyes, "It is nothing really, I just have bad memory there", she smiled sadly and drank the full glass. Jiseok heard what she said but kept quiet still observing her.

"You are quite a drinker, your alcohol tolerance must be very high". He smiled looking at her.

"Have you been to the amusement Park before?" she suddenly asked.

"Uhm... Yes". He smiled sadly. An awkward silence filled the whole room as they sat there quietly staring at each other each lost in their own thought.

"If there is nothing left to say I will take my leave". Taner got up breaking the awkward silence.

"Are you hungry?" he suddenly asked.

"No". She lied but sadly her stomach refused to cooperate with her as it growls loudly. "I'm a little bit hungry". She smiled sheepishly, again her stomach growled fiercely and loudly. "Okay I admit I'm very hungry".

"Let's order, I would have wiped something up but my fridge is empty". Jiseok stood up and walked out.

"You can cook?" she asked surprise.

"Yeah, I grew up taking care of myself and my brother". He smiled sadly.

"What about your dad?" she asked curiously.

"Well that's a tale for another day, right now let's fill your hungry stomach". They both laughed.

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