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"Your majesty, we finally found the princess". A man wearing a red fiery shirt and trouser said as he knelt down on one knee to a woman with red fiery hair and foxlike violet eyes. She sat majestically and looked like a Greek goddess that descended on earth. She looked at the man with her foxlike eyes and smiled slyly.

"Rise, where is she?"

The man immediately rise up and bowed his head, "Thank you, your majesty". He walked to the woman and gave her an envelope. "We also found out that the princess.... Has a child, a daughter".

Suddenly, the whole room temperature dropped drastically. The man moved back in fear and could feel something heavy piercing his heart. He could no longer bear it and coughed out blood. Only seeing thus, did she finally withdrew her aura.

"Continue". That was the only word she said.

"Her name is Valentina, but she goes by the name Taner. There is a picture of her in the file and all the details about her". The man reported.


The man trembled in fear after hearing her evil laugh.

"Valeria, you really want to hide not just yourself but even your daughter from me, I must admit, you were really good at this. The best, but you forgot one important truth.... We share a blood relationship, so as long as you are alive I'll always find you, no matter where you are. Now that I've found you, I will never let you go". The woman vowed. "Delete all their information, we can't have our enemies finding out about this". The woman strictly instructed the man.

"Yes, your majesty".

"It's time to pay the princess a visit". The woman smiled sinisterly as she played with the ring on her hand. Everybody trembled as they watched her. Her smile was so alluring and mesmerising that she looked like an ethereal being. But don't be deceived, behind that beautiful smile is a very dangerous, cunning and powerful being.


"I tried to divert them but something strange happened". Sammy said seriously.


"The information disappeared one by one, someone else is trying to wipe out their identity, if I was even a second late I would not be able to get any information". Sammy said.

"I thought you were the best hacker in the world, oh well... Guess your reign is over". Jiseok shook his head at him mockingly.

"You!!" Sammy looked at him angrily before swallowing what he wanted to say. 'I will just keep quiet for now before he uses his knife tongue on me'. Jiseok ignored him and opened the next file. On seeing the picture, the file fell from his trembling hand. His face was so pale that it lost all colour.

"This is not real... It can't be". He said with his whole body trembling. He stared at the picture of the girl with long beautiful curly red hair and her bangs almost covering her beautiful violet phoenix eyes. Her smile was so beautiful and alluring that it could make even the most powerful person fall on his knees. Her face was so white as snow with her beautiful r

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