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"Mom, what are you doing here?" she asked as she regained herself and pushed her mom back wiping her tears.

"Don't you miss your mom? I have to admit, you are pretty good in hiding but not good enough". Violet laughed coldly.

"Mom we can't talk here, unfreeze this people". She demanded.

"Tsk Tsk tsk... Is this anyway to talk to your mother after so many years". Violet said annoyed as she walked calmly and sat down looking at her daughter.

"Mom release this people first and then we can talk... I beg you". She said softly. Her whole brain was filled with tactics on how to distract her mom. Zen Ling's life was currently in danger and he needs immediate treatment.

"Hahaha... You know, I gave you all my love Ria, but you kept breaking my heart. I'm your mom for goodness sake!". Violet said angrily her eyes already flaming red because of anger. The whole room was getting more cold and freezing.

"Mom.... I.."

"If you are going to apologise then save it, do you know what happened to your dad after you ran off? DO YOU KNOW? This is your last chance Valeria or should I say Jiwoo... Come home with me". Violet stretched her hands to her daughter with hope in her eyes. Valeria stood there rooted as she stared wide-eyed at her mom. Her heart was beating frantically.

"Come home with me..back to where you rightfully belong Valeria". Her hand still waiting.

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"Mom.. I.... I can't go back... My life is here.. I."

"Silent! I give you twenty-four hours to make up your mind Valeria. This is not an empty offer, if you don't return... Only you will be blamed for whatever happens". Violet said and disappeared. Valeria collapsed on the ground lifeless. The hospital was back to normal as if nothing happened.

"Aunty are you okay?"

Jiwoo raised her head to see Mia staring at her.

"Aunty what happened? Is uncle awake?" Mia asked. She hugged her as Jiwoo burst into tears. She was already mentally, psychologically and physically tired. She have no more energy to fight. She is tired of all this and just want to give up. On one hand was her husband and daughter, On the other hand was her parents and her rightful responsibility. She couldn't take it anymore and cried in despair. She knew this day will come but never expected it to be like this.

"Aunty don't worry uncle will wake up soon and everything will be fine". Mia comforted her. After a while, Jiwoo finally calmed down and stopped crying.

"Where's Taner?" she asked concerned. Mia grumbled and snorted in anger.

"Aunty don't think about that bad girl! She abandoned me and ditched me for her handsome boss! I'm still mad at her! If I see her again I'll break her legs!" Mia harrumph. Jiwoo laughed at her childishness.

"I'm sure she didn't mean it, something urgent must have come up".

"What's more urgent than spending time with her best friend! I haven't seen her for a while now because she is too busy to care about me, I'm even sure she has replaced me with her boss". Mia pouted angrily, her face red with anger.

"Are you Mrs Lu?" a nurse walked to them and asked.

"Yes, any problem? How's Ling? Is he awake?" she stood up asking with hope in her eyes.

"Doctor Su asked you to go to his office, he wants to discuss with you about your husband condition". The nurse said before leaving.

"Let's go Aunty, I'm sure uncle's condition have improved and the doctor wants to tel you the good news". Mia smiled encouraging. Jiwoo nodded and hurriedly went to the doctor followed by Mia.


Taner sat dazedly as she stared at the sky. The cold night breeze blew and her hair flew freely. She was deep in thought as she stared at the stars. She subconsciously looked at the bracelet in her hands smiling sadly.

"Maybe it's finally time to move on and face reality". She smiled with tears sp

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