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"Welcome back, did you finish taking care of your important matter?" Taner asked smiling. Jiseok stood there with an unreadable expression as he stared at her. The more he looked, the more he felt pain. He couldn't hold it in again and rushed to her and hugged her tightly. Taner was dumbfounded and shocked by the sudden embrace.

"Jiseok are you okay?" she asked worriedly. She has never seen him with this vulnerable state. "Seems like you missed me a lot". She laughed awkwardly trying to lighten the mood.

"Taner". He called out.


"If you ever see the person who hurt you, can you ever forgive him?" he asked releasing her from his hug, as he heard her tightly, waiting earnestly for her answer.

"It's all in the past, I'm even sure he doesn't even remember me". She replied smiling sadly. He could see the pain in her eyes and he felt something gripping his own heart tightly.

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"What if he still remembers and have been looking for you for a long time, will you forgive him?" he asked again staring intensely at her.

Taner laughed sadly with tears threatening to spill out, "I don't know, only time will tell. You know it's funny I even said that, because in my case, time doesn't seem to give a fuck about me and is always against me". She shook his hands from hers and walked away. He stood there sadly as he watched her go. It was as if his own heart shattered into a million pieces.


Jiwoo sat in the chair near her husband as she stared at his unconscious state. He's been unconscious for three months now, Su Woo bin still refused to tell her his sickness, she knew something was terribly wrong. She missed his hands touching her. She missed hearing his voice calling her sweetly.

"I have heard people say that a person in coma can hear whatever we tell them". She paused, "Zen Ling, there's a dark secret I have kept from you for so long, I couldn't bring myself to tell you for a long time and it's been killing me". She looked at him. She closed her eyes and when she opened them, it was filled with determination.

"My real name is Valeria, I'm the daughter of the Asura's. This is not my real appearance and I have been hiding it from you for a long time. I don't know if you can ever forgive me but I could only do this to protect you. Zen, I'm really scared. I know you have been curious about our daughter's powers but I kept lying to you. Our daughter, Valentina, got her powers from my parents. Yes, my parents. Valentina is the most powerful person in the world. I tried protecting her but the more I protect her, the stronger she becomes. I'm afraid I can't protect her again. I don't know what I should do Ling, please i need you... I need you now.. I'm so scared". She burst out crying. Suddenly the machine started making noise, he started shaking.

"ZEN LING!!". She cried, "DOCTOR! SU WOO BIN!" she screamed crying.

"Jiwoo please wait outside". Su woo bin calmly told her. A nurse helped her outside and quickly went inside back.

"Oh God, please save my Ling. Please protect him, I can't lose him... I can't leave without him". Jiwoo cried. She collapsed in a chair crying miserably. She knows she has committed a lot of sin, but she only did it because of love. Yes, love, and if she went back in time, she would still make the same choices. She doesn't regret any decisions she made, and she would happily receive retribution for them all. But she only ask for Ling not to suffer because of her.

She suddenly felt a familiar aura she hasn't felt for decades. 'It can't be'. She thought. Everywhere suddenly became freezing, snow even started falling in the hospital. She could feel herself freezing. She couldn't hear anyone again. She slowly lifter her head and what she saw made her speechless and scared. It was something she haven't seen for years. The whole place wa

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