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A man with blond hair wearing glasses came down from a red Bugatti Chiron. He looked at the building and smiled before walking inside.

"Oh my gosh!! That's my idol, JIMMY!!" one girl exclaimed excitedly holding her friend hand.

"I can't believe I get to see my idol this close! He's so handsome!!" the other girl exclaimed.

"Have you heard his new song?"

"Jimmy we love you!!"

In a short while there was already a large crowd outside the building.

"Must you always make such a grand entrance?" Suki said fuming with anger as she walked with him to the elevator.

"If I don't then who will?" he smiled humming happily as he entered the elevator. Suki stood glaring at him, "Get in already I'm already late".

Humph!! Suki entered the lift still glaring at him. He smiled at her, "What are you thinking of?"

"you know we are the only one on this elevator, so.... Why don't we do something fun?" Jimmy said taking slow step towards her.

"Jiho can you be serious for once in your life!" Suki angrily said stepping back until she hit the cold wall.

"I'm really serious right now". Jiho smiled slyly, "You know apart from my brother and Hangul you are the only woman allowed to call me by my real name", he smiled putting both hands beside her blocking her escape. She looked at him with mixed feelings as he tugged her hair behind her ear.

Bathump Bathump!

Her heart was beating so fast as she stared at those mesmerising deep ocean blue eyes looking down at her. She couldn't stop staring at them and her heart was beating so fast as if it wants to fly out of her body, 'why can't I take my eyes away from him?' she wondered.

"Do you want to know why I am a playboy?" he asked her blowing her in her ears. Suki could feel ghost bump all over her body as she felt his hot breath besides her ears, she couldn't say anything but looked at him before shaking her head.


Just when he was about to answer the lift opened, the people outside when shocked and rooted to their place as they stared at this scene before their eyes.

"Wait a second,! Isn't that the famous pop star, Jimmy in a kabedon position with that lady?" a girl exclaimed.

"Oh my gosh! Yes it's him!" another girl exclaimed.

"I never thought I'll get to meet my idol like this!"

"I'm so jealous of that girl, I wish I was the one".

"I heard his a playboy and he has never ever dated any girl"

"No way, I heard he dated and broke up with the number one beauty, An kuhanin!"

"That's a lie".

"I heard he only slept with her and threw her out the next day".

Hearing the whispering of people, Jimmy slowly backed away and smiled,

"Guess you will have to wait a little". He put his hands in his pocket and walked away smiling at the crowd.

"Oh my gosh! I think I just died and went to heaven".

Hearing all the chattering of people, Suki finally came back to her senses. Her face was so hot and red with embarrassment as she managed

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