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Back in the hospital,

Jiwoo was pacing back and Fort as different ideas run through her mind. She knew that if she definitely goes back home they can cure Lu Ling, but she's too stubborn to give up all her efforts like that, she just can't abandon her family like this especially when they need her the most. She is definitely sure that they will never forgive her no matter her explanation. But what can she do now.

"Aunty please stop worrying, have some faith in Taner, I'm sure she won't disappoint us, I trust my best friend". Mia said reassuringly. "now look at you already having white hair, uncle will be so scared and shocked when he wakes up to see his love with white hair, in fact uncle may think he's been in a coma for twenty years". She said teasingly.

Jiwoo smiled and pinched her cheeks lightly, "You naughty girl, alright I'll stop worrying".

"That's more like it, now you are beautiful again, you should always keep your smile and blind us with your beauty". Mia praised raising her thumb 👍 happily.

"Mia Bella, you won't seize to amaze me you naughty girl". Jiwoo laughed more as she pinched her cheeks playfully.

"Aigoo! Aunty I'm not a kid anymore, I know I'm cute and chubby but you have to refrain yourself from pinching my cheeks or else I will end up having dried cheeks". Mia grumbled as she rubbed her cheeks. Jiwoo laughed staring at the cute girl acting silly. She was happy that Taner had at least one true friend. After that incident seven years ago, Taner isolated herself from everyone. She did not speak again and was often staring into space holding a bracelet in her hands while crying. She tried her very best to make her lively like she used to be but it was futile. She had closed her hearts to everyone, that was until Mia moved back to the city. She was like the bright shining star in Taner's life, taking her out of the darkness.

"Hi love". A tall man wearing a navy blue suit with punk hairstyle and charming green eyes walked up to Mia and peeked her, wrapping his arms around her waist. Mia blushed shyly as she hugged him.


Jiwoo coughed slightly as she watched them looking at each other passionately.

"Oh yeah sorry, aunty this is my boyfriend, Lee Hangul, Gul oppa this is Taner's mother Mrs Lu, she's like my own mother". Mia introduced them.

"Nice to finally meet the Mrs Lu, my wife is always talking about, I can see where Taner got her beauty from". Hangul said politely. Mia blushed fiercely when she him call her his wife.

"I'm not your wife". She said puffing her cheeks.

"Not yet". He smiled winking at her.


Jiwoo coughed lightly to get their attention.

"Sorry about that aunty, this is how we always bicker, oh yeah, he is here as backup in case Taner wasn't able to gather the money".

"I thought you said you had complete trust in your best friend... Tch.. Hypocrite".

"I'm not being an hypocrite I'm just being realistic and having a back up plan". Mia defended.

"Don't worry love, we get it , even if you are an hypocrite I'll still marry you". Hangul teased her and wrapped his arm around her. Jiwoo laughed on hearing him while Mia angrily elbowed him.

"Ouch!" Hangul yelped pretending to be in pain.


The atmosphere suddenly turned tense as Jiseok got up from his seat and walked slowly to her with his lips curved slightly upwards.

"Do you want to hear the deal?" he asked casually still smiling as he sat casually closer to her. Taner felt uncomfortable and could feel her palms sweating profusely while her heart his beating very fast. His pleasant masculine scent filled her nostrils as he shifted close to her bringing his face very close to hers. Taner was shocked by his weird actions and quickly shifted away from him trying to create a distance between them.

He smiled silently as he observed her, 'let's see if you can continue running', he smirked thinking silently.

To her own dismay, he sh

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