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"Oh my gosh Tañer! You look so beautiful that I want to marry you!" Mía exclaimed excitedly with stars in her eyes as she circled around her admire the dress. Tañer was wearing a short black pencil off shoulder gown, that hugs her body highlighting her full slightly big breast, hour glass figure, very slender waist, big butt and her long slender flawless milky white legs. Her long curly dark red hair was left to fly freely. She wore a black over the knee high heel boots.

"Now how do I look?" Mía came out smiling happily as she twirled in front of her. She was wearing a short pink bodycon gown. Her blond hair was packed in a messy bun exposing her delicate neck. She wore a gold stiletto.

"You look beautiful and I'm sure Hangul is going to be drooling and can't keep his hands away from you". Tañer teased.

"Wait.... Where's your bracelet?" Mía asked surprised.

"I'm not wearing it today... In fact I'm not wearing it again... I... I think it's time I let go of the past... I'm getting married". Tañer said sadly touching her wrist. She felt strange not being with the bracelet but she knew it was time to let go.

Mía quickly hugged her. "You are doing the right thing, I'm so proud of you Valerie".

"Thanks Mía". Tañer hugged her back.

"Alright enough, let's get going I'm sure the boys will be here any minute". She giggled.

"Mía baby!"

"Speaking of the devil". Mía laughed. "Come on let's go".


"I swear girls takes too much time to get dressed, like seriously". Hangul complained.

"Come on Bro, why are you complaining, they are doing it for you, you should be happy". Jiho teased.

"Why the heck are you even here? You You like the fifth wheel, Where's your date?" Hangul asked frustrated.

"Come on, I'm so curious to see my sister in law and this is the only way I can think of". Jiho shrugged his shoulder helplessly. "Besides I won't stay for long, I have a date tonight".

"Is it Suki?" Hangul asked excitedly.

Jiho face changed slightly before shaking his head. "No, it's some hot model".

"When are you ever going to settle down?" Jiseok asked disappointed.

"Come on Bro, I'm still young and single and ready to mingle". He smirked.

"You know, I used to be like you but look at me now". Hangul smiled remembering his old self.

"Yeah, you were my role model, but now, I'm not ready for a relationship". Jiho sighed.

"What if Suki agrees to be your girlfriend?" Jiseok asked.

"Suki is different, she's special and I'm doing all these until she agrees but I doubt she will, if she does then I'll stop all this but for now, let me enjoy my life".

Jiseok sighed and shook his head. He doesn't know what happened between his brother and Suki but he... What can he say, there was actually a period his brother stopped playing around and was actually serious about her. He thought it would last but oh well, something happened and old Jiho came back but this time he was worst to the extent he changed women almost every single day.

He knew his brother was madly in love with Suki and he's doing all these to forget her, he even told her directly, but he can't fight it anymore and is determined to have her but he's going the wrong way. He tried wooing her but didn't work so he decided to start this strategy. He even beat up any man that comes near her to show how possessive he is, 'if he can't have her then no one else can', that was his exact statement when he asked him.

"The day Suki agrees to be mine, I vow to stop all this and be loyal to only her". Jiho said seriously. "So if you want me to stop, you better make Suki mine".

Hangul and Jiseok shook their head with the same thing in mind, 'He's hopeless'.

Footsteps where heard coming from upstairs and they all looked towards the step simultaneously. They all stared with their mouth agape as Mía and Tañer stood in front of them.

"OMG!! JIMMY!!" Mía and Tañer both screamed excitedly as they r

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