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He swam quickly to her and carried her out of the water. "Taner! Please open your eyes!" he called out to her but got no response from her. He was very scared now. He remembered how his mother died in his hands and couldn't bear the thought of losing her too. He immediately performed mouth to mouth respiration.

Cough! Cough!

Taner coughed out water as she stared dazedly at him. "Jiseok?" she muttered quietly. He hugged her happily with tears running down his face relieved that she didn't die. He stared at her hands to see her holding the bracelet tightly. He picked her up and carried her safely to her room.

"Get changed and dry up so you don't catch a cold". He instructed before walking away. Taner stared at his retreating figure and felt pain in her heart. She slowly entered her room. She looked at the bracelet in her hand relieved that nothing happened to it. "I'm so pathetic.. I can't even let you go..." she smiled bitterly.


In his room, Jiseok sat as he stared into space with smoke from his cigarette covering his face. He flecked the ashes and through the cigarette into the ashtray that was almost filled with cigarettes. He took another cigarette, lighting it and continued smoking. He was deep in thought. He was once an addict to tobacco but stopped with great effort. Right now he couldn't help but go back to his old habit. He really needed it right now. Only God knows how scared he was when he held her lifeless body in his hands. 'What if he hadn't come out at the right time?' he couldn't shake off the feeling. He's so scared and doesn't know what to do. When he saw the bracelet in her hands he felt his heart shatter into a million pieces. He blamed himself for this.

"Hey seok, how's your vacation with your secretary?" Hangul voice came out from the line as he answers the call. Hangul noticed something was wrong.

"Jiseok are you okay?" he asked concerned.

'Was he okay?' Jiseok thought to himself and didn't respond.

"Are you smoking?"

"Hmm". That was the only thing he said. Now Hangul was one hundred percent sure that something was definitely wrong.

"Jiseok, you know it took you a long time to quit, what happened? You know you can confide in me, you know I'm always here for you".

There was a long silent after that. Jiseok took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

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"I finally found her". He spoke finally, throwing the cigarette into the ashtray.

"What do you mean? Wait... You found her?" Hangul asked dumbfounded.


"That's great news Bro, I can finally meet my sister in law, wait aren't you suppose to be happy? Why are you sad? Is she married? Or wait! Is she dead! Is she dying?" Hangul bombarded him with questions.

"No.. But I almost lost her again". He said calmly.

"What exactly happened Jiseok?" Hangul asked concerned. He knew how much Jiseok cared for her. In fact, he has been in love with her for the past fifteen years and had spared no effort in searching for her.

Knock knock!

"Hang on a minute". He removed the p from his ear, "Come in".

Taner sluggishly walked inside the room, seeing him making a phone call she silently stood there staring at him. The moon light shone inside the room and he looked so handsome, his shoulder length brown curly hair was wet still dripping water as if he just finished showering. He was wearing just a singlet exposing his muscles. She couldn't help but steal glances at him. She could perceive the strong smell of tobacco in the room. She looked at his side and was surprised to see two ashtray filled with cigarette. She stared at him wide-eyed and could still see him smoking without a care.

"Okay let's talk later, I have matters to take care of". He finally said and ended the call. He turned facing her with no expression.

"What do you want?" he asked coldly. Taner was tak

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