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"Mom". Yes, the ethereal being standing in front of her was no other person than Asura Violet. Her beautiful long fiery red hair fluttered in the wind, creating a beautiful picture, her violet eyes with a little mixture of black stared at Jiwoo with a complicated emotion. Jiwoo could feel different emotions all at once as she stood there looking at the woman. Staring at her daughter, she remembered the past.

_five decades ago_

The snow fell slowly on the ground, the cold winter wind blew inside the open window. A woman stood in her room as she stared outside. Her long red hair fluttered in the cold winter wind along with her beautiful white gown. Her fox like violet eyes with a beautiful mixture of black stared with pain outside the window. Her skin was as white as snow. She smiled bitterly. She just came back from the hospital and was told she was infertile. She smiled sadly. "Power does have its own disadvantage".

A tall man, seven feet, with long shoulder length hair, with one part of his hair black and the other red. He has two different colour of eyes, with one gold and the other black. Even his skin is very white and pale. He looked so inhuman and people where so scared of him. He approached the woman and hugged her from behind.

"Don't worry as long as I'm alive, we will have a child". He whispered in her ear, blowing small breeze inside and sending electric shock inside her body.

"Matteo, I think we should finally give up, it's been years since we have been looking for a child. It would be better if you married someone else". Violet said, pushing him away, ignoring the growing desire in her.

"Don't ever say that Vio, I love you and I don't care if we have a child or not, I'm okay with it as long as I only have you with me. In my eyes, only you have the right to be the mother of my children and no one else". He said looking at her lovingly. Violet couldn't hold back her tears and hugged him.

"Thank you Matt, I love you so much". Violet hugged him tightly beaming with happiness. Matteo lifted her face to look at him. He stared at those mesmerising violet and black eyes. He wiped her tears gently and kissed her passionately.


"Valeria". She said once again. This time she immediately appeared before her, moving like the wind. She waved her hand and immediately, Jiwoo's disguise was removed. Her beautiful long red hair with black at the tips fluttered gently. Her pair of beautiful cat like emerald eyes stared at her mother. Her white snow skin seems to have a glow in it.

"My princess". Violet touched her cheek gently like she always did when she was a child. Jiwoo remembered everything and couldn't stop the tears from flowing.

"Mom....I'm so sorry... Mom...". She cried as she tried making sentences.

"Shush..mom is here now". Violet hugged her daughter allowing her to cry freely. One thing Valeria knows is that, her mom would always stand by her. After losing her twin brother, her mom ne

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