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Jiseok opened the next file. What he saw next greatly stunned him. There was a picture of the great and powerful Queen Asura Violet. She looked exactly like Taner, with both the violet eyes and red hair. The only difference was their face, if not she was an exact photocopy of her. "What's going on here?" he asked confused. "Why is there a picture of Taner here?"

"That is queen Asura Violet, I was as shoved as you when I first saw that picture, look at the next picture". Sammy said. Jiseok turned the picture and saw a picture of Asura Matteo followed by a picture of Asura Valeria. Valeria looks more like her father.

"After seeing that picture, I did some digging about the lost princess Asura Valeria. I have to admit, she's really good at changing her identity but not good enough. This is Valeria now". Sammy opened the next file. There was a picture of a beautiful woman with white porcelain skin. She has long beautiful black hair and light brown eyes smiling happily.

"Wait, I have seen this woman before.... She's the mother of the girl I'm looking for". Jiseok said surprised. "Are you sure this is Asura Valeria?"

"As you can see, in this picture she had red hair and emerald eyes, but in this picture she has black hair and light brown eyes, if you look closely at the face, there's a beautiful small black dot at the middle of her eyebrows". Sammy pointed it, Jiseok nodded. He continued, "if you also look at her shoulder, there's a beautiful dragon birth mark in the two pictures, that birth mark is only found in Princess Asura Valeria, that was how I knew she was the long lost princess". Sammy concluded. "Her new name is Lu Jiwoo".

"How does that have anything to do with Taner?" Jiseok asked confused.

"Patience Rodri, we are getting there, open the next picture".

Jiseok opened the next file to see a pregnant woman with a man that has blond hair and grey eyes smiling happily.

"That is Valeria and her husband, Yang Zen Ling or should I say Lu Ling". Sammy said. "They both changed their identity so no one could know them and to start afresh". Jiseok looked at the next picture and he was dumbfounded. It was a picture of Jiwoo and their baby. The baby has violet eyes unlike her parents.

"That is their daughter, Valentina, the couple especially Jiwoo was surprised to see her eyes, they did everything to hide her from the outside and even wiped out all information about their daughter. But sadly, they were not able to hide it from me, the world's best hacker and computer genius". Sammy smiled smugly. Jiseok looked at him and just shakes his head. He will allow him just this once to enjoy the spotlight. He opened the next picture and he was stunned. He could feel all the emotions coming all at once.

"It's her". He said as he touched the cheek lightly, "My Taner". He whispered before tears gathered in his eyes, threatening to come out. It was a picture of a seven year old girl with round chubby face. She was smiling br

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