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"good morning Mr and Mrs Lu, I missed you guys so much". Mia greeted happily as she bounced into the kitchen. Mrs Lu quickly cleaned her tears and went back to cooking.

"I missed you too my darling daughter, how was your trip?" Mrs Lu asked happily. Mia happily sat down and narrated her trip to Paris.

"by the way I'm so hungry, I want some cupcakes!!! 😭😭". Mia wined like a little child. The parents couldn't stop laughing.

"of course they did, immediately I told them you were coming they forgot they have a daughter, let's switch places". Taner strolled inside the kitchen and took a apple before seating down.

Everyone laughed at her joke and Mia playfully agreed to the deal. Few minutes later, breakfast was ready. Mia and Taner raced each other to the dining table.

'I hope she will always remain happy like this', Mrs Lu whispered to herself. Lu Ling read the expression on his wife face, he stroked her hands lightly and gave her a reassuring smile that everything is going to be okay.

"ten cupcakes for Mia with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cranberry and grape toppings with one full cream strawberry yogurt, one large chicken pizza with pepperoni topping and plain yogurt for Taner, and last but not the least, my hubby, one baked cake bread and caffeine". Ji-woo said placing their food on the table.

Everyone ate happily especially Mia. She finished all ten cupcakes and drank her juice happily. After eating, they decided to seat in the living room and chat a little bit.

"so where are you girls off to so early?" Lu Ling asked the girls.

"we are going shopping and after that I've a surprise for Taner, if it's okay with you guys I would love to steal Taner for today". Mia replied looking at their expression. 'I hope they agree I can't tell them the surprise if not Taner will refuse to go', Mia thought to herself anticipating their reply.

'this is an opportunity for us to be able to find a way to pay our debt without Taner noticing', Lu Ling thought to himself and happily said; "of course she can go it's not a problem".

Mia was very excited. After talking for a little while, Mia and Taner left.



In the mall

"so what surprise do you have for me?" Taner asked Mia as they were entering a store. Mia looked at Taner thinking of a way she can convince her to go on the date with her.

"earth to Mia!!!" Taner screamed. 'what is she up to now? I swear I'll kill her if it's something stupid', Taner thought to herself.

"well since you insist I'll just tell you, you are going on a date with me!!" Mia screamed excitedly. Taner just stopped walking and changed to a statue, she couldn't believe what she just heard.

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