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The sun shone so brightly and the wind blows gently, beautiful flowers are booming, birds are happy and whistling, Taner woke up groaning, "It's Monday already... Ugh....", she got up still groaning only to look at her time it was already 7.30am. "Ahhhhhh... I'm sooooo dead". She jumped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom quickly brushing her teeth and taking off her pajamas at the same time, she jumped inside the shower and after five minutes she came out, her phone was ringing, she looked at it only to see Jiseok calling her, she ignored it running to her closet to wear her clothes.

"Ugh.... I don't have time to select". She quickly grabbed a simple white button shirt and red pant, black flats and black bag. She looked at her hair in the mirror, frustrated "Ugh... My hair looks like a bird nest, I don't have time to arrange it", she groaned frustrated and quickly grabbed a packer and comb putting it in her bag. She ran out of the room hanging her bag and jumping the stairs down, "Bye Aunty I'm late for work".

The nanny shook her head smiling, "This kid will never change". Taner quickly jumped inside the car and quickly the driver drove off.

"Good morning Ms Taner, Rough night?". The driver greeted her.

'More like crazy night', Taner thought to herself.

"Good morning Rio, Yeah something like that, I sort of missed my alarm". Taner smiled struggling to comb her hair. Her phone rang again and she looked at it only to see Jiseok calling again, she ignored it already knowing what he would say, she already has twenty missed calls. Shortly after she received a text and it was from Jiseok.

_ Annoying pest_

=if you are not here in five minutes time, consider yourself fired and dead.


Taner screamed as she read the text. She started bitting her fingernails thinking of what to do, "Umm.. Rio can you drive a little faster, I'm kinda in a rush".

"I'm sorry Ms Taner, but Master Rodriguez instructed me to drive at 60 and besides there's no way I can maneuver through this traffic".

Taner sighed, 'well I might as well start digging my own grave, I wonder how I'm gonna die', suddenly a thought hit her as she looked up and saw a bike in front of them, "Don't worry Rio I have a solution!". She got out of the car with her bag and ran to the person on the bike.

"Hi, are you in a hurry?" she asked giving her most genuine smile.

The guy stared at her for a while before replying, "No".

Taner sighed happily, "Then can I borrow your bike, I'm in a rush and I have only four more minutes before I'm finally dead, PLEASE..... I will give you any amount", she pleaded.

"Umm....sure but I'll need your number so I could call you to take it back".

"Sure no problem, here's my card".

He stepped out of the bike and gave the helmet to her. Taner jumped on the bike and wore the helmet, "thanks you are a life saver!!", then she drove off.

The man stood there and smirked running a hand through his silver hair, "I finally found you". He stared at the card in his hand looking at the name intently, "I will never let you escape this time, Taner". He kissed the card and kept it in his pocket before walking off.


Taner quickly turn off the bike and ran quickly to the door without taking off the helmet, she checked her time to see she still has one minute more. She quickly rang the doorbell and it opened, breathing shakily she walked inside the house.

"You are late!!"

Taner was shocked, she didn't notice Jiseok sitting in the living room staring at her. She scratched her neck.

"Ummm... technically I'm thirty seconds early". She smiled sheepishly.

"Keep this up and you can consider yourself dead". Jiseok said stopping right in front of her and whispering inside her ear. He turned and walked out. Taner was stormed, she was supposed to be angry and irritated but was not. She came out of her thoughts when she heard him scream.


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