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"You! We trusted you!" Eunae yelled angrily. She looked at the man with white hair smiling at her with hatred in her eyes.

"I can see that little nae'er is now a fine grown up woman, I must say, you look so much like your mother". The man smiled sinisterly, "It was quite easy killing your parents and your dear uncle Dan. But I've got to admit you and your siblings hide very well but I guess not too well".

"Why did you kill them! What did we ever do to you!!"

"Now hush, no need to yell. Don't worry I'll soon end your agony, as for your question I believe you deserve an answer, well for starting, I was in love with your mom and we were engaged but you know the rest, she betrayed me and married that bastard, well as the nice person I am, I tried to be civil but she still showed stubbornness. I even left the organization for her and worked hard helping that bastard company grow but still yet she refused me. One day I finally had my way and almost had her, I could still feel her soft body but still that bastard spoilt my plan, he even had the gut to arrest me. When I came out I found out she had given birth for that bastard and so I started my brilliant plan but first I had to gain their trust. I thought it would initially be very difficult but what can I say they foolishly believed me, then I found some of his jealous brothers who hated him and added them to my side as my pawn. I had to watch them give birth and enjoy their useless happiness silently waiting for the day of my revenge.

It was finally time to get rid of your bastard father but who would have thought that your stupid mother would still sacrifice her life for that bastard till the very end. I was so enraged when I got the news and decided to get rid of you little pest to end their legacy but I've got to admit, you guys are very slimy and always escaped, but today I can finally say I will succeed in killing you and finding your siblings to kill them too". He laughed menacingly staring at her weirdly.

"You are one sick BASTARD". Eunae snarled.

"My dear Eunae, you know it's actually a crime to insult your elder and your ex boss, don't worry this will be very painful but you have to endure it". He laughed walking closer to her with a syringe.

Suddenly the door swung open and one of his men barged in and whispered something in his ears. He was so enraged that he kicked the person hard sending him flying.

"I will be back very soon little Eunae, be a good girl and wait for me". Chengmin smiled sinisterly twirling the syringe in his hands before walking out, "Keep a close eye on her, she's very slimy and crafty". He told his men before walking out.

Eunae sat there looking at them, she silently loose her hands from the rope, 'this fools don't even know how to tie a simple rope', she mocked freeing her hands. The people in the room where busy drinking and playing cards not minding her at all. Before they could even bling their eyes, she already attacked them, ruthlessly killing them silently before taking their gun. "I have to find Jiseok". She quickly left the room.

She ran to a room where she remembers them taking Jiseok. She hurriedly opened the door only to see someone about to inject her beloved son.

'Pow Pow!'

The person with the syringe fell down dead, before the rest could even react she shot them. She quickly ran to her son.

"Mum..?" Jiseok asked weakly.

"Yes it's me baby, please hold on a little mummy's gonna get us out of here, okay?"

He nodded. She removed the rope and hugged him tightly, she carried him carefully on her back before picking the syringe and putting it as bullet in one of the guns and rushing out of the room.

"Mummy....they said they want to kill you and me, mummy what did we do to them?" Jiseok said weakly.

"Don't worry baby, mummy won't let anything happen to you". She whispered back. She already know that they both can't get out alive and it's high time she put an end to that si

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