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Ten minutes earlier

Ji-woo was already in the building, she was looking for Lu Ling but the receptionist told her he went to see the manager. She was about to give up and go up, when she saw Lu Ling coming out of the elevator.

He was holding his chest like he couldn't breathe, she immediately ran towards him calling him but he didn't answer. She finally manage to reach him only to see crowd around him.

As she walked closer she became more scared, only for her to reach the front to find Lu Ling lying on the floor.

"Lu Ling!!!" she screamed as she knelt down. But he didn't answer.

"somebody call 911!!!" she screamed crying. Jessica saw the scene and went closer only to find Lu Ling unconscious. She immediately called 911.

After ten minutes, they finally came. They immediately rushed Lu Ling and performed CPR. They carried him in the ambulance and Ji-woo immediately entered the ambulance with them.

The ambulance drove off with full speed to the nearest hospital. Immediately they reached the hospital, they rushed him through the emergency entrance to the operating room. Ji-woo wasn't allowed inside. She was outside and kept pacing back and forth. A nurse immediately rushed pass her.

She started panicking, for one whole hour no one has come out of the OR. 'if anything happens to Lu Ling I'll never forgive myself, I'm the root of his problem, if only I didn't enter his life if only we never met he would have still been successful, he was once the wealthiest man', jiwoo thought to herself crying.



Mia and Taner entered the high class restaurant. Every man couldn't take their eyes off the both of them while all the women were jealous of them. Mia scanned the room and finally she saw the person she was looking for.

She grabbed Taner hands and walked happily to meet him.

"is your date coming or not, we don't have all day". Jiseok said getting impatient. "they will be here any minute just chill", Hangul replied. Almost before he could take out his phone, he heard a sweet voice shouting,


He looked up and see Mia and Taner walking towards them. Mia was happy, while the other girl for shy.

Jiseok looked at the two girls walking towards them. One skin has a warm golden yellow shade, she has arched straight eyebrow, she has a silver eyes with long eyelashes, 'her makeup is quite heavy' he thought to himself, she worn a short pink gown that hugged her body and showed her great figure, she has a blond loose curly hair that she packed in a bun, she looks like a top international Chinese model, 'totally Hangul type, I wonder how long this one stays', jiseok thought to himself with an indifferent expression.

He looked at the other girl. She had a natural pink beige shade skin, she had the most beautiful face he has ever seen. He couldn't take his eyes off her beautiful close set violet eyes, he has never seen anyone with violet eyes and thought it must be contacts. He looked at her lips, they were so captivating, she has small heart shaped lips, she used a red lipstick.

He forced his eyes to stop staring at those sweet lips. He look at her dress, 'she looks uncomfortable in that dress', he kept analyzing. She has long wavy curly light brown hair. She fell her hair making her more attractive. Finally he looked at her legs, they were slim, spotless, long and sexy. His eyes landed on her sneakers.



The doctor finally came out of the operating room. Ji-woo quickly ran to him.

"Su Woo bin" she ran to meet him.

"hey ji longest time".

"how's Ling?"

"he...where's Tan?" he asked looking around for Taner.

"she's not here I haven't told her yet, now stop dodging the question and answer".

"he....is in a bad condition, he had an heart attack, has anything bad happen to you guys?"

"can I see him, please". Ji-woo pleaded. She knew woo bin can n

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