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"Hmm..." Taner shifted awkwardly.

"What are you doing here? Damn I have to change the password again". Jiseok said behaving as if nothing happened.

"YOU SCOUNDREL!!" woo bin yelled loudly raising his hands angrily.

"Godfather I swear it's not what it seems like".

"Darling what are you saying, no need to lie again we have been caught". Jiseok smirked deviously and entered the kitchen to serve the food, "oh by the way uncle there's no food for you for interrupting us".

Taner was dumbfounded by his shamelessness, she held her stomach painfully, "Uncle??"

"Yes, this scoundrel is my nephew". Woo bin walked towards him and hit his head.

"Ouch!! What's that for? It's not my fault I found someone before you". Jiseok held his hair pouting like a little child. It was only his uncle that he can behave the way to.


"Don't be jealous, you will soon find your perfect match".

They continued bickering while Taner stood there surprised at her discovery. She carefully and slowly moved to the kitchen and started eating. She was feeling extreme pain in her abdomen, only for her to remove her hand to see blood.

Jiseok and woo bin where still quarreling when they turned only to see Taner falling off the chair unconscious, Jiseok was fast to catch her, he looked at her injury only to see she's bleeding profusely again.

Jiseok immediately carried her to his medical room followed by his uncle who was running after them. Woo bin immediately treated her wound.

He glared at Jiseok after making sure Taner was okay.

"Let's speak in my study". Jiseok said his face changing deadly instantly as he walked out of the room with his hands in his pocket, woo bin followed him.


"I'll go straight to the point, I received a mission two days ago about a gang we've been trying to capture and went there...." he narrated the whole story to the uncle.

"This is outrageous, Taner can't do something like that, I watched her grow".

"Uncle, I understand where you are coming from but you know me, on normal basis she's supposed to be dead but because she saved me I'm giving her time to speak up". Jiseok stared at his uncle and said coldly with no emotions but only murderous gaze.

"I know and I can't thank you enough, how about you keep her close?" woo bin sat up once he got the idea.

"What do you mean?" Jiseok sat up leaning his two hands on the table, interested in his uncle plan.

"Make her your personal assistant, besides she already knows who you are and I'm sure you are currently looking for one".

Jiseok looked at him deep in thought without saying anything.

"Think deeply about it, it's a win win situation for everyone". Woo bin said and left the room.


"Sir, I'm....sorry.....we failed....." Jimu [1] stammered trembling as he looked at the man with silver hair, sitting across him with his legs crossed. The man stood up casually and walked very slowly to Jimu who was kneeling down in front of him holding his bleeding shoulder.

"Do you know what happens to people who failed me?" The man strood forward spreading coldness at anyone he walks passed. Jimu was shaking with fear.

Before he could answer the man, with a shift movement, the man took a gun from the person near him and shot Jimu straight in the head. Jimu fell down lifeless making everyone there to tremble with fear.

He walked back to his seat and sat down crossing his two legs. "Let this be a warning to all of you, Take this garbage away from my sight!" He brought out a cigarette, the person immediately light it for him. Three people rushed and carried the body away.

"It seems I have to do this by myself". The man hissed and smoked.


Taner opened her eyes slowly only to see herself in a strange room with IV drip in her hand. She was about to get up when her uncle entered the room with a trail

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