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"KIM JISEOK RODRIGUEZ!!" his father voice echoed throughout the mansion. All the servants where scared for the young master. Jiseok didn't burge and was not afraid. His was showed no emotions, he took his brother to his play house and went to his room.

Kim taemin walked angrily to his room and told the guards to leave. He tried to open the door but Jiseok locked it from inside. 'smart kid but not too smart', he said to himself and bought out the spear key. He opened the door only to see Jiseok standing and staring outside the window.

He walked inside and cleared his throat but there was no reaction from Jiseok.

"Why did you run away? Did you know how worried I was?" Taemin said trying to control his anger. He looked at his son emotionless face trying to get a reaction but didn't.

"There's no one around, you can stop pretending you care". That was the only thing he said and left to his study. Taemin could sense the anger from his son voice. He was so shocked.

"Do you still blame me for your mother's death?"

"You are not worth my blame, it's my mom fault for loving a worthless person who doesn't care about her". Jiseok stood up. Taemin could feel his own blood boiling and for the first time he slapped Jiseok. He didn't see anything but hatred from Jiseok eyes.

"You are not allowed to leave this house and next week, I'm sending you to stay with your uncle Su woo bin in new York!" Taemin left the room. Jiseok stood there emotionless, even though blood was coming from his mouth, he felt nothing but hatred for his father.



It was finally the time for her surprise. She was so happy to see seok seok again. She combed her dark red hair and wore her favorite violet hair band. She wore her black leather jacket, a red handless shirt and a denim shot. She wore her black boots and carried her favorite teddy bear hand bag. She wore her favorite simple neck chain with a Swan pendant and her butterfly earrings.

Her mom dropped her off in the park and left for work. She stood there excitedly waiting for Jiseok.

Two hours pass, but still no sign of Jiseok. Tears started rolling down her cheeks, it was even snowing heavily but she refused to take shelter scared that Jiseok will not see her. The snow was getting worse and she was freezing but she refused to still take shelter.

One hour later, still no sign of Jiseok. She couldn't take it again and started crying. She fell on the snow crying. Suddenly, she felt someone covering her with an umbrella. She looked up only to see Jiseok.

She got up and hugged him crying. Jiseok didn't expect this and stood stiff before hugging her back.

"I'm sorry, something unexpected came up". Jiseok continued saying petting her.

"I thought you weren't coming, that something bad...happened..." Taner pushed him and was hitting him.

"I'm sorry, seok seok is sorry, please forgive me, see seok seok but you something". Jiseok bought out a box from his pocket. Taner cleaned her eyes and took it. She opened it and saw a beautiful bracelet. It has a design with a violet Swan. She was so happy and stretched her hands for him to put it in for her.

After wearing it, she was so happy.

"Today I'm taking you to the amusement park".

"Really! Thanks seok seok let's go". Taner happily skipped to the front. He looked at her and smiled sadly knowing today was the last day he will see her.

They entered inside happily. Immediately the manager saw Jiseok he recognized him and rushed to greet him.

"Ah...young..." before the manager could complete his sentence he just nodded and walked away with Taner.

"Let's go to the merry-go-round!" she heard Jiseok hand and pointed to it. Jiseok smiled and nodded. She quickly ran there. Once the workers see Jiseok they immediately recognized him. Taner and Jiseok happily entered the merry-go-round. His guards where keeping a close eye on him.

They rode on the strata roller coaster,

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