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"Don't worry MA you don't have to stay here with me". Jiseok tried to refuse.

"It's not a big deal besides you will be bored and lonely, we'll keep you company". Jiwoo replied. 'the problem is I don't want you to know who I really am', Jiseok thought to himself. He tried to persuade her to go but to know avail so he gave up.

Ten minutes later, a group of people sighted Jiseok and were so relieve. Jiseok saw them before they could reach him.

"Please excuse me, I want to use the toilet". Jiseok stood up. Jiwoo nodded unaware of what is really happening. Jiseok swiftly left. The group of people ran after him.

"Young master!!" they stopped running trying to catch their breadth. The kid was damn fast. He ran away for one whole week and has been missing ever since.

Before Jiseok could run pass a bending corner three body guards blocked his front. He turned to pass the back, but it was also blocked, he looked at both sides but it was also blocked too.

"Young master please come with us peacefully, master Kim is worried". The head of the guard said walking towards him.

"Tell master Kim he can Go TO HELL, I don't care, worry my foot!!!". Jiseok screamed and spat on the floor disgusted.

"Young master if you refuse we have no choice but to use force on you". The head of the guard reply holding his hands.

"I command you to let me go immediately!"

"I'm sorry but we can't follow this order, please think about second young master". The guard reply dragging him.

Jiseok suddenly stopped and became sad. He remembered Taner and her mother where still waiting for him, "Okay I'll go with you but first I have to settle an important matter".

He walked to one of the maid, "You follow me, the rest of you wait for me in the car". He walked in front with one maid following him closely not understand the situation.

"We thought we lost you there", Jiwoo asked smiling when she saw him coming back.

"Sorry for the delay, by the way this is my....maid".

"Oh that's a relief, guess we will leave now Taner is already tired, take care of yourself we will see you next week and thanks again". Jiwoo got up carrying Taner.

"Bye seok seok see you next week call me when you get home!" Taner waved enthusiastically before resting her head on her mother shoulder and sleeping. He watched them go for a while with a smile on his face before turning back and walking towards the car. The maid quickly ran behind him, shocked to see the young master smiling for the first time after his mother's death.


"Hyung!! Where the hell did you disappear to? How can you leave only me in this big house?". A seven year old boy with blond hair ran to meet Jiseok crying.

Jiseok bent down reaching the same height with his brother and hugged him, "I'm sorry Jiho, I promise I won't go anywhere again, Hyung won't ever leave you".


"Yes I promise, I'm sorry for not being the big brother you deserve but from now on

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