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Jimmy got up from the water only to see an angry lion looking at him ready to devour him.

"Hey, YOU DOUCHEBAG, YOU DARE HANG UP ON ME!!!" Suki yelled pointing her fingers angrily at him. Jimmy smiled brightly on seeing her, "You know I was just thinking about you and here you are", he said swimming out of the water.

He walked towards her smiling as a maid quickly ran and handed him a towel. Suki was stunned for a moment watching the water run down his body, she watched as the water run down from his hair down his neck to his six packs. Jimmy studied her looks and was satisfied, "You know, you can always touch it", he walked closer to her.

Suki finally came out of her daze, her whole face was red with embarrassment, "Who.... wants to tou....ch.... Your stinky.....body!!" Suki stammered. Jimmy smiled charmingly and started walking closer to her slowly. Suki subconsciously walked back, "You.....wh...at...do.....you.....thi....nk.....you.....are....do.....ing?" Jimmy smirked, he always enjoyed teasing her.

Suki walked back slowly and was already at the edge of the swimming pool, she was about to fall but Jimmy caught her with his strong hand. Her heart was beating so fast and her whole face turned red down to her neck. She didn't know why her whole body tense up, her hands was on his wet chest with his hands wrapped around her waist, their faces were so close. She starred into his deep ocean blue eyes.

"You know I will only stop if you agree to be my girlfriend". He smirked moving closer to her. Suki came back to her senses, "I'll rather become a monk than to date you" she tried to push him away but he was too powerful for her.

He smirked and whispered inside her ears sending a strange sensation in her body, "Too bad your dreams to be a monk will be shattered, but before that, there's something I need to do first". He removed his hands and she fell inside the pool.



"Hahahahaha". Jimmy couldn't stop laughing. Suki stood in the water completely soaked, she glared at him.


Suki stormed out of the water glaring at him.

"By the way, you have a very nice body....nice strawberry bra by the way". Jimmy said laughing. Suki was stunned, "You.....I'm gonna kill you!!", she chased after him.

"Hey manager Song, don't tell me you really want to kill your artist". Jimmy framed fear as he ran to the other side of the pool.

"Hell YES!!" she yelled and ran after him.

"You know your legs are too short to catch up to me, so how can you kill me, you are like 4.6 inch tall and I'm 6.0 inches tall". Jimmy ran inside the kitchen and grabbed an apple waiting for her to catch up.

"HEY!! I'M NOT 4.6 I'M 5.1 INCH TALL AND I'M NOT SHORT YOU ARE JUST TALL!!" Suki said angrily rushing towards Jimmy. He immediately jumped off the counter and ran to the living room.

"Yea let's just...go with your logic, you know you are 5.05 not 5.1 and it's still considered short". Jimmy laughed continuing to tease her, for some reason he just loves to see her angry anytime he teased her. Suki grabbed a pillow and threw it at him but he dodged it easily.

"Nice throw but you need to try harder sweety".

Suki held four pillow and threw them at once but he dodged all of them. She framed hitting her legs and fell on the floor crying. Jimmy immediately ran to her but she grinned and grabbed him hitting him on his bare chest.

"Ouch!! Calm down that hurts". He laughed. Suki glared and continued hitting him. Jimmy stumbled backwards and fell on the couch dragging Suki down with him. They stared into each other's eyes and time just seem to stop at that moment. She was laying on top him and her long black hair spread around them, her hands was on his bare chest and her big boson was pressing hard on his chest, their lips was so close that if she make a wrong move they will end up kissing.

Jimmy hands was wrapped around her waist, he stared at her big round animated gree

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