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____Present time______

Jiseok woke up early in the morning at 1 a.m due to a nightmare. He still has nightmare of seeing his mom dying in front of him. He sluggishly checked his jug besides his bed for water but there was none. Dragging his feet to the kitchen, he was surprised to see the lights on. He quickly took his bat that was nearby to hit the intruder, only to open the door and see his brother and uncle eating chocolate.

"Hey....you two what are you doing this early?"

"Hmmmm .....where you planning to hit your uncle with a bat?" the uncle stammered hiding the chocolate.

"Yea.. .. What are you doing here?" Jimmy said cleaning his mouth.

"I don't have time for you babies, no wonder you are still single". He drank his two glasses of water and left.

"Hey.....how can you talk to your uncle who raised you for years like this? Hey.....I'm still talking". Su woo bin was foaming with anger while Jiho couldn't stop laughing.

"Uncle just forget it, bro was just messing with you, here have some chocolate to calm you down".

"I don't want again, look how fat you are I wonder why people even listen to your songs". Su woo bin left the kitchen.

"Hey why are you transferring your insult to me I'm not fat! And my songs are the best!" Jiho shouted after him.

The next day, Taner went home to change so she could go job hunting. She was surprised by the scene she witnessed.

The landlord was outside with some goons and was foaming with rage. They wanted to break inside the house before they see her.

"Sir what the heck is going on here?" Taner rushed immediately to the entrance.

"I'm assuming you don't have the rent yet". The landlord said. Taner was confused because she remembered her dad gave money to Mr Feng to always pay their rent.

"Sir, haven't you been paid already? Haven't Mr Feng paid you already, why are you asking for another payment?"

Hearing what she just said, the landlord became more enraged, he yelled loudly, "How dare you!! You hold me rent of five million for one year and yet you still have the audacity to question me! I will show you what I can do!!" He turned to the goons and ordered the men to put a chain and lock the door so no one can enter and left. Taner chased after him trying to persuade him but he refused to listen.

"Sir! Sir! Please I'm begging you! Please give me one week and I'll repay the rent we owe! Please I beg you!" she cried chasing after the man. She chased his car until she fell on the road crying as she watched the car leave.

Unknown to her a black Honda Accord was parked across the street watching the whole scene unfold.

"Are you sure she's the person?" A man with black glasses asked.

"Yes sir, she even as the violet eyes and long curly dark red hair like the picture, here's the document".

The man with black glasses took the document and continue looking at it.

"Continue to keep an eye on her". He handed the document back to the man.


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