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Jiseok tried his best to look for Taner but it was like she never existed, the last place she was seen was in a coffee shop in Auburn Street and a witness said she was seen talking to an old man. He even asked her friend disguising himself as blackjack.

After searching the Web and everywhere he could search, he came back home exhausted. He walked up to check on the girl's condition. He was surprised by what he saw.

The girl he has been searching for was right under his nose. Her hair was red and curly with her long bangs, violet eyes, neutral beige pink skin and red lips. He couldn't believe his eyes, it was as if she was transforming. He looked at the details and looked at the girl again, it was a perfect match.

He looked intently at her and said, "You are really a crazy girl", smiling. He was about to leave the room to call his uncle when she finally moved her fingers indicating that she will soon wake up.

He was very happy and at the same time suspicious. He went out of the room to prepare food for her since she haven't eaten any actual food.


Taner finally opened her eyes as she recalled the last thing she remembered which was like a dream. She stared blankly at the ceiling, observing her environment. "Where I'm I?", she tried getting up but felt intense pain in her abdomen, she screamed in pain, "OUCH!!! So it wasn't a dream" she held her stomach and managed to force herself up.

"No matter what I have to leave here". She said to herself as she dragged her body and walked carefully holding her stomach until she managed to reach the door.

She turned the knob and to her surprise, it was unlocked, she breath a sign of relief and rested a little before opening the door. Immediately the door opened, the aroma of sweet food filled the air making her stomach groan loudly.

"I'm so hungry, wouldn't hurt to take a quick bite, I'm sure they wouldn't hurt". She said smiling as she followed the aroma of the food.


Jiseok just finished cooking Tteokbokki[1] and Sundae[2]. He was about to go and check on her when he heard footstep coming down. He looked up and see Taner walking happily and licking her mouths with her eyes closed.

He smiled and shakes his head, he was about to call out to her when she missed her footing and was about to fall down the stairs. Jiseok immediately ran and caught her in lightning speed.

Taner was expecting to hit the ground and was waiting for the impact but nothing happened. Instead rather than the floor she felt a strong hand holding her waist and a sweet masculine scent. She opened her eyes slowly only to see Jiseok staring at her.

Their lips was so close, that she could feel his hot breathe on hers and if she makes a slight movement they would end up kissing. She looked at the lips and it was so tempting to kiss those thin pink lips. Her hands was on his chest and damn, she has to admit they were strong and filled with muscles, she felt the urge to run her hands all over the body.

Jiseok looked at her intensely, he was an unbuttoned shirt and could feel her bare hands caressing his chest. He stared at those sweet, soft and tender red lips opened slightly as if inviting him to have a taste. He has never felt this kind of feeling for anyone before. He could even hear his own heartbeat.

They were in that position and didn't hear someone opening the door and coming in.

Woo bin entered the kitchen and was shocked by what he saw. He couldn't believe his eyes. He coughed loudly and immediately Jiseok and Taner separately.

They looked at the person who interrupted them and they were all shocked. Jiseok didn't expect his uncle to come to his house. They both stared at who bin like children caught in the act of doing something bad.


[1]~Tteokbokki is a Korean dish usually made with slice rice caked, fish cake and is flavored with gochuchang.

[2] ~Sundae is a Korean sausage made with

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