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He kept staring at the girl who had violet eyes and due to being under the rain, the rain washed her dye off and her unique dark red hair was showing.

"You know you are very lucky, other girls will scream at the opportunity excitedly but you don't even care", Jiseok laughed staring at her coldly with an emotionless face.

"Well I'm sure you must have noticed by now but I'm not like other girls". Taner was still shaking slightly. Jiseok was fascinated with her, he looked at her and noticed she wasn't putting on the seat belt. He leaned forward and stared at her eyes. Taner was shocked and shifted backwards but he also shifted closer to her. Their lips was very close to the extent she could feel his breath.

"Wh....at....what.....a.....r.....e....you do...I.....n.....g ?" Taner stammered as he drew more closer to her.

"I'm...trying.....to....belt you up, isn't it obvious?" he reached for the seat belt and belted her laughing devilishly.

"Don't tell me you actually thought I was going to.....kiss you...right?"

"No..." Taner face is now very red with embarrassment. Jiseok was laughing happily and drove off when the light showed green.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked wanting to make sure she was not pretending to get his attention.

"of course, you are Jiseok, Hangul best friend from childhood". Taner smiled and replied. He was relieved that she haven't heard about him.


Jiseok opened his door and was about to open her door but she had already come out.

"Thanks Jiseok for today". She bowed politely. Jiseok was rooted on the ground,, hearing her call his name felt so sexy.

She walked closer to him and gave him a piece of paper, "this is my number, I'll be happy to repay so I owe you a favor now". She left not waiting for his reply. Jiseok just stood there dumbfounded, 'does she really not know who I am'.


Taner dashed quickly to doctor Su office. She knocked hard on the door and rushed inside.

"Dad Su I came as fast as I can". She said panting. He looked at her sadly then got up and gestured for her to follow him. Taner follow him quietly until they stopped in one of the emergency room, she looked at him confused but he didn't say anything but only opened the door for her.

Taner was now scared but she stepped inside the room shakingly only to see her mother sleeping beside the father who was connected with many machines. She walked closer to her mom.

Ji_woo woke up surprised to see her daughter. She looked at her with tears in her eyes. Taner helped her mom out of the room.

"yo...ur......dad.....he...". Before she could finish her sentence, she collapsed.

"MOM!!! SOMEBODY HELP, MOM!!". Taner screamed desperately. Doctor Su ran immediately to her with some nurses and they took her to another ward, Taner followed them scared.

After thirty minutes, Su woo bin came out of the room. He saw Taner waiting for him, she looked pale. He doe

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