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Taner cleaned her mouth and smiled happily, 'it's been long since I ate to my satisfaction'.

Jiseok just kept staring at her in wonders. All the girls he has met keep kissing up to him and trying to seduce him except this girl. 'She doesn't even care what others think she's crazy'. He thought to himself.

"So.....Taner I heard what happened to you I'm really sorry, please accept this check of one million RMB". Hangul gave her the check. Taner looked at the check and rejected it, "I'm sorry but I can't take this huge sum of money".

Jiseok was shocked by her, again she has shown her difference from other girls. Hangul shove the money into her hands, "Take her home safely", he said leaving the restaurant.

Taner was ready to run after him to return the money but she was held by Jiseok, "Just take the money and see it has a gift from a friend". Taner sat down back defeated.

She looked at the time, it was already half past six. She got up immediately, "I have to go I have something important to do".

"I will drop you off, let's go". Jiseok paid the bill and they both left the restaurant. Once outside, before Jiseok could stop her, she stopped a cab and left.

"She's crazy". He shook his head and entered his car. He called his secretary to arrange a meeting, he is coming to the office in twenty minutes time.


Taner stood outside of Su woo bin house and rang the bell. A maid immediately opened the door and welcomed her.

"Long time miss Taner, how have you been?" the maid happily greeted her.

"I'm good, you are looking younger Mrs Lan, is godfather around?"

"You are too kind muss, master just came back from the hospital, he is in his study".

Taner happily bounced to the study. She knocked once then opened the door. Su woo bin was sitting in his chair reading a document, he looked up to see Taner staring at him.

"You are late". He closed his document and stared at her. "I heard you have been staying in the sauna, I'm disappointed in you".

He got up and left the study, Taner followed behind him thinking of ways to pacify him. He walked downstairs to the dining room and the maid immediately started serving dinner.

"Dad, I'm sorry, I didn't want to be a burden". Taner said pleading with her cute big eyes.

"I don't think you consider me your godfather so I'm no longer your dad". Su woo bin sat down on his chair pretending to be angry.

Taner got up and rushed to him hugging his neck and crying, "I'm sorry, in fact I'm going to get my things from the sauna and stay here with you until you get tired of me and drive me away". Taner cried.


"Yes I pinky promise in fact I'm going now".

"No need your things are already here in your room".

Taner looked at him suspiciously and he only smile and winked at her. On seeing the food, she was very happy. It was her favorite. She immediately rushed to her seat waiting for them to serve her. Woo bin smiled at how c

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