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Mia Bella walked inside Taner room only to find her still sound asleep. 'I'm going to teach her a lesson, pay back is a bitch', she happily said to herself. She tiptoed quietly to the side of the bed and screamed 'TANER!!!!!'. Due to the shock, Taner jumped off the bed and landed on the floor.

Mia Bella: 😂 😂 😂

Taner: 😤 😤 😤

"what the heck is wrong with you!!!!" Taner angrily said as she stood up from the floor. Mia couldn't stop laughing, "you should have seen your face, you were like Ahhhhhhhhhh".

"if you weren't my best friend I would have killed you". Taner said angrily. "you mean sister" Mia laughed and sat on the bed, she suddenly stood up excitedly and asked her friend; "guess who got asked to go on a date?"

Taner: ....

Mia: me!!! You are no fun.

"what does that have to do with me?" Taner asked

lying down back on the bed.

"you and me are going shopping!!" Mia screamed excitedly. 'if I don't go should she won't leave me alone, guess I have no choice' Taner thought to herself. She got up and told Mia to wait for her to get dressed.

Few minutes later

Taner came back wearing a ripped Jean trouser, a crop top and a boot. She tied her hair back and did a simple makeup.

"about time". Mia said getting up from the bed. They were about to leave the room when Mia stomach growled loudly.

She pouted her lips and did her puppy eyes with drop of tears coming from her eyes, she looked at Taner and said; "seems like I'm hungry, can... I eat the cupcakes aunty is doing? I didn't eat from home".

Taner looked at her and laughed, 'I'll tease her a little', she thought to herself. Putting her poker face on she turned and looked at her friend, "No, you have to choose between cupcakes and shopping which is more important to you". Mia burst into tears 😭 on hearing the answer. 'what the fuck, she should have been an actress, I don't have time for this let's just allow her eat her cupcake', Taner couldn't take it again, "go and eat your cup..." before she could finish her sentence, Mia ran out of the room, 'I better leave fast before she calls me back and changes her mind, no one can stop me from eating cupcakes', Mia thought to herself as she ran downstairs.

Taner laughed and went down.

The kitchen

"we have to tell Taner the truth". Mrs Lu


"we can't tell her yet, I'll think of a way to get the money but for now we've to keep it a secret". Mr Lu reassured his wife. As they were talking they heard Mia coming down and quickly change the subject. Mia bounced into the kitchen happily and humming to herself.

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