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"What happened to you?" Jiseok asked curiously.

"What can I say, your admirers are too hot headed and vicious". Taner replied indifferently as she tried to free her hand. She suddenly felt chilled and looked at Jiseok only to see the burning anger in his eyes.

"Seems like this viciousness needs to stop". He said smirking. Taner stared at him confused. He suddenly dragged her hands and she fell on his chest. Her heart was beating crazily as she stared at him, her whole face was red to her ears.

"What do you.....think.....you are....doing?" Taner stammered looking up at him surprised. Their posture looks so intimate, one of her hand was on his chest and she was sitting on his laps. Jiseok looked at her smirking and his eyes subconsciously went to her full bosom which was moving up and down as she breath. He swallowed hard with his Adam's apple moving up and down.

They didn't know how long they had been in that position but the sound of his secretary bought him back to his senses and he pushed Taner, making her land on the floor with her butt.

"Come in". Jiseok said. Taner got up hastily and dusted off the dust glaring at Jiseok.

"Mr Rodriguez, sorry to disturb you but you have a meeting with Mr Yin right now". Chan woo adjusted his glasses as he reminded him of his schedule.

"Send the necessary information to Taner she's coming with me, oh and by the way arrange a meeting with the staffs I want to have a quick briefing with them when I get back". Jiseok drank his coffee slowly.

"But sir...." before Jiseok could finish his sentence, Jiseok got up and walked to him, "you have five minutes left", he walked out of the office.

Taner walked up to Chan woo smiling awkwardly, but he didn't even look at her, within two minutes he sent the details to her.

"That's all the information you need to know, you have three minutes left you better hurry". Chan woo said as he ushered her to the elevator.

Taner smiled and bowed thankfully before pressing the ground floor.

'She is pretty, but I wonder how long this one will last', Chan woo thought as he watched her hurry to the car through the window.


"I heard Taner is working for Jiseok, is it true?" Hangul asked surprised.

"I don't really know, I haven't seen or heard from Taner since after the incident, I'm so worried". Mia replied as she sipped her juice.

Hangul and Mia Bella where on a date in the famous Li Pierre restaurant.

"HI, we have a reservation with Mr Yin", Taner asked the waitress calmly.

"Oh you are welcome, Mr Yin haven't arrived here, I'll take you to your seat". The waitress smiled happily and was giving a flirting look to Jiseok. Taner felt disgusted but managed to hold back her anger. Jiseok on the other hand didn't give a glance at the waitress.

After sitting down, Jiseok ordered only water making Taner sad that she couldn't taste the delicious delicacies. In five minutes time, Mr Yin finally walked inside the

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