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Fenton has been Mr Lu agent for a long time. One year ago, he told him that there was no need for him to pay his rent directly to the landlord, that all he had to do was give him the money and he will pay it for him.

Lu Ling actually trusted him since they have been childhood friend and gave him money to pay rent for the past one year. Fenton even helped him to open an account with one of his friend in the bank and even help him get a job. He couldn't believe his ears.

Ji-woo tried to talk to him but he was lost in his own thinking. He quickly called Fenton but his phone was switched off and unreachable. He remembered the bank he was giving him money to pay.

He quickly ran out of the house and quickly entered a cab. Ji-woo quickly followed him with a cab.

Lu Ling quickly got out of the car and paid the driver. He looked at the bank, he wants to make sure he was wrong thinking his friend could cheat him. 'I'm so stupid to think that tong could cheat me' he thought shaking his head at the thought.

He walked inside the bank. He walked toward the receptionist, "please excuse me".

"can I help you sir?" the receptionist asked him with a bright smile.

"I'm looking for Mr Singh". Lu Ling replied.

"I'm sorry but there's no one here with that name, sir". The receptionist replied still smiling.

"may I speak with the manager". Lu Ling asked trying to control his angry.

"okay, give me a minute". The receptionist replied and quickly made a phone call.


Ji-woo came down from the cab, she quickly paid him. She was surprised to follow Lu Ling to a bank. She walked inside trying to find him.


Lu Ling opened the door to the manager's office shakingly. He walked in steadily.

"good day sir, please have a seat". The manager gestures for him to come in and seat. He tried walking inside without shaking.

"so what do you want to see me for?" the manager asked nicely.

"I opened an account with Mr Singh, I want to withdraw some money". Lu Ling said trying to control his feelings.

Manager: "I'm sorry Mr..."

Lu Ling : "Lu".

Manager: I'm sorry Mr Lu but we've no banker called Mr Singh maybe he has another name.

Lu Ling: that's what he told me his name was.

Manager: could you narrate the story to me.

Lu Ling told the manager the whole story.

"I'm sorry, Mr Lu but from the story you just told me, it appears you are a victim of fraud". The manager replied after hearing the whole story.

"but we can arrange a loan for you, all you have to do is apply for loan". The manager said trying to reassure him.

Lu Ling face suddenly turned pale and appears as if he has no blood, all he could hear is 'it appears you are a victim of fraud', it kept replaying over and over in his ears.

He got up and left the office without saying anything, he looked so pale. 'I'm going to see Fenton, this has to be some silly joke', he thought to himself as he left the bank.

Ji-woo saw Lu Ling leaving the bank, she tried calling him but he just left without looking at her.

She ran after him but she was too late, he had already entered a cab and left. She quickly stopped a car and chase after him immediately.

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