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When Taner parked the bike in front of the building everyone was shocked to see them. They couldn't believe that their devil boss was behind a bike and held a girl tightly as if his life depended on it. As if that was not enough, they were wearing matching outfit.

"Are you seriously parking the bike here?" Jiseok asked raising his eyebrows. Taner ignored him and pulled off her helmet.

"Come on let's go". She said carrying his bag and her own. Jiseok suddenly stopped in front of her walking closer to her, she stepped backwards until her body hit the bike.

"Jiseok..wh...at...are you doing?"

"What do you think I'm doing?" He asked smirking.

"I swear if you try any....." Before she could finish, he covered her mouth with his palm.

"Shhhh! You talk too much just give me your comb and packer".

Taner was stunned, she was speechless and couldn't believe what she just heard. He looked at her and see she was still under shock. He sighed and grab her bag taking out the comb and packer. He gently combed her hair and parked it a high ponytail, arranging her bangs. After he finished he smiled, "Perfect, now you look presentable and don't go on spreading any rumours I just couldn't stand looking at you, you looked like a mad woman even though you really are one". He whispered into her ears and walked away.

Hearing this, Taner finally came out of her shock but before she could retort back he was already inside the company, she ran after him insulting him in her mind.

Secretary Chan ran to them immediately bowing his head in greeting, he himself was stunned to see his boss wearing matching outfit with Taner. Jiseok just walked pass him without acknowledging him with Taner running after him.

'this must all just be a misunderstanding, boss can't seriously be dating Taner, Ahh what I'm I thinking that's so absurd', he shook his head dismissing the thought as he followed them.

Jiseok received a message before entering only to discover that the translator will not be able to make it on time, "FUCK!!!"

"What is the matter sir?" secretary Chan asked confused.

"We don't have a freaking Spanish translator!! I give you five minutes to find one or you are fired!" he exploded. Chan was already sweating profusely cause he was out of idea. He immediately ran out making various calls trying to get one.

"I can be the translator". Taner who have been quiet finally spoke up.

"I'm not in the mood for your silly jokes".

"No estoy bromeando". (I'm not joking in Spanish). Jiseok and Chan was so stunned they looked at her surprised.

"Caras vemos corazones no sabemos (don't judge a book by its cover)".

"I don't have any idea what the hell you just said but you get the job I'll pay you five hundred thousand dollars for the translation".

Taner was very happy hearing the amount, she nodded happily and they walked inside the meeting room.

"Good morning, Pedimos disculpas por harcete esperar (we apologize for keeping you waiting)". Taner said as they entered.

"No hay problema entedemos, eres muy hemorsa (no problem we understand, you are very beautiful)". One of the man spoke and the rest nodded. Taner smiled and turned to Jiseok and explained, "they said no problem they understand the reason why we are late". The meeting went smoothly with Taner translating well, and finally they signed the deal. Jiseok then told her that he wants to take them to celebrate.

"Para celebrarnos con éxito cerando el trato nos gustaria llevarlos a un restaurante Español el trato" (to celebrate us successfully closing the deal we would like to take you to a Spanish restaurant). They all looked at each other and nodded happily, "eso seria sorprendente" (that would be amazing).

"por cierto ustedes son una pareja encantadora" (by the way you guys are a lovely couple), one of the investors said smiling.

"No, no es así, él es mi jefe, nada más" (no we're not like that, he's just my boss nothing else). T

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