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After that incident, we moved away to one of my houses and we have been living peacefully, watching you grow up. I was very happy that she was able to move on and nothing major happened again. We were going to have another child and we were so excited especially you. The doctor had told us that Eunae wouldn't be able to give birth to another child after you but miraculously she was pregnant again after four years. We thought the war was finally over but we quickly found out that we were terribly wrong.


"You can do this, I can see the head already". The doctor yelled encouraging Eunae.

"I'm so tired". She replied weakly.

"I'm here with you baby, you can do it". I said kissing her forehead. She held me tightly and screamed with all her might before she fainted. Then we heard the beautiful cry of a baby.

"Congratulations Mr Kim, it's a baby boy". The doctor said before giving the baby to a nurse to dress.

"Did you hear that baby, you did it". I happily said only to see my wife bleeding profusely and her heart rate decreasing faster. I hurriedly call the doctor back and she was taken to an emergency room. I stayed outside with you sleeping peacefully in my hands. After waiting for a long time, the doctor finally came out with bad news.

"I'm so sorry Mr Kim.... We did all that we could..."

I didn't let the doctor finish as I ran inside the room with you. You were crying so much and calling out to your mom but she didn't wake up. I told the nurse to bring your brother to see her one last time and that was when it happened.

"Doctor!! She's alive!"

Immediately the baby cried, she moved her fingers and her heart which was death started beating again. I happily called the doctor. The doctor came out one hour later and told us the good news that it was a miracle.

If only I had known that I had only five months with her, I would have done everything in my powers to keep her with me.

Five months later,

I traveled out of the country for business. I didn't want to leave you guys alone but she insisted that I leave so I did, which was the worst mistake of my life.

I was in the middle of closing a business deal when I got the most horrible news that you and Eunae have been kidnapped. I immediately left and flew back home. I swear I did everything I can to find you guys but it wasn't enough. I went to the underground and used my connection to find you guys buy it was just like you guys were no where to be found, like you disappeared.

Then one night, I received a call telling me to stop searching for you guys or they will kill you guys and send me your corpse, so I did. I did everything they asked me to do but still yet they didn't release you guys. I was already going out of my mind doing all I can. But they asked me to bring Jiho, I couldn't do that, they already had you and Eunae, now they wanted Jiho too, I couldn't so I refused no matter the threat.

Two weeks later, I received a call

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