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Mia and Taner has just finished getting ready for the date.

Taner wore a beautiful red off shoulder blouse that has an open back and v_neck, she wore a red mini skirt with little black design. She wore a black jade necklace which has a red heart-shaped pendant, and wore a simple black pearl earring. She did a simple makeup and finally fall her long curly light brown hair. She looked so beautiful.

"now for the finishing touch, a red 8 inch shoe". Mia said grinning and gesture for the maid to bring the shoe.

"you must be joking, you know I can't wear heels". Taner tried to object. "I won't go on the date if you force me to wear those shoes!" Taner screamed. Mia had no choice but to allow her wear her sneakers.

'she's so stubborn, I'll let her have her way only for today', Mia thought to herself. She just finished her makeup when she received a text, she smiled to herself.

"lover boy must be missing you already". Taner teased Mia, she tried to see the text but Mia immediately closed her phone.

"what did lover boy say?" Taner asked trying to take her phone.

"we should probably start going". Mia got up trying to change the subject. 'she's hiding something, but I'll just let her have her way only for today', she thought to herself.

"madam Mia Bella should we make dinner for you?" head buttress Suzanne asked Mia. Mia smiled at her, "No".

Mia entered the car happily while Taner smiled at the bodyguard opening the door, "thank you", and entered. Leo was surprised by her sweet gesture and just nodded his head.

Mia quickly sent a reply, "we are on our way there".



Ji-woo heard the door opening and quickly went to see who it was. She walked to the living room only to see her husband sitting as if the whole world was crashing down.

"what's wrong?" she asked sitting down beside him. He was so lost in his thinking that he didn't even notice his wife was sitting beside him. With tears in his eyes, looked at her, "I...have.....be...en......fired".

Ji-woo was shocked, she couldn't believe her ears, she looked at Lu Ling and laughed, "you are such a good joker".

Suddenly, Lu Ling burst out crying, "I wish I was lying, I'm sorry".

Ji-woo was shocked, she had never seen Lu Ling crying before no matter the hardship they had to face he was always positive, but today seeing him like this she felt her heart was pierced by a sharp arrow.

"I'm sorry, I can't provide for you and our little princess again, I'm so useless". Lu Ling cried more. He thought about his daughter whose dream was to go to Harvard University. Thinking about it only made him cry more, "I failed as a dad".

"stop saying that, you are not useless I'm the useless one, because of me you were disowned and lost everything you had". Ji-woo said with tears running down her cheek.

"stop saying that, I don't regret choosing you over everything". Lu Ling said pulling her closer to him and hugging her tightly.

Suddenly they heard a knock on the door. Lu Ling quickly got to answer it thinking it was Taner. He opened the door only to see the landlord.

"good afternoon sir, to what do I own this unexpected visit?" Lu Ling asked.

"no need for your pleasantries, I know you and your family are passing through a lot but I've to take care of my own family too, if you can't pay the complete payment for the one year rent you own me by the end of this month, you and your family will have to look for somewhere else to stay". Mr Zurich said.

He left without waiting for Lu Ling to say anything. Lu Ling couldn't believe his ears. He has been giving Fenton to pay the rent for him for the past one year.

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