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"Oh baby last night was fantastic let's go for another round, I need more".

"Sorry your shift is over you can get lost, I don't want to ever see you again".

The girl quickly ran and knelt on the ground crying bitterly and pleading him, "Pl...ease....don't.... I LOVE YOU".

He smirked and laughed hysterically upon hearing the word "love", that was the most funniest word he has ever heard. He looked at the girl crying and pleading. Her brown long hair was messy and her makeup was ruined, her eyes were red and puffy, she has a pear figure.

He walked towards her and touched her cheeks that was stained with makeup. This was the kind of girl he hated most, the clingy types. The girl smiled slightly looking at him. He lowered himself as if he was going to kiss her and then he whispered inside her ear.

"I....DON'T.... LOVE.... YOU... you are so pathetic to think I'll ever love you, didn't your mother ever teach you to never fall in love, if I ever see you again don't blame me for what happens". He smirked and stood up.

The girl was so scared now. With a flick of his finger, his security men came and tossed the girl out of the house naked, throwing all her things out. The blond haired boy stood up and with a swift motion, wore a bathrobe and gestured for the maids to clear the mess.

He worked outside, took off his bathrobe and dived inside his pool, his blond hair glittering as the water touched it, his deep blue ocean sea eyes blending with the color of the water, has he swam his beautiful white skin shining. After swimming for some time he came out, the water dripping down his body, showing his perfect well-built body and handsome face. The maid quickly gave him a white tower and a clean white bathrobe. He walked over and rested under the sun with a glass of Tokay. This was no other person than Kim Jiho, otherwise known by his stage name as Jimmy.

Jimmy was busy enjoying himself when his phone rang suddenly. He was annoyed and was prepared to yell at the person for disturbing his peaceful morning routine.

"Yah brat what are you up to?" Song Suki angry voice was heard.

Jimmy removed the phone his ears waiting for his manager to stop yelling.

"Ya JIMMY!!! Can't you ever keep it in your PANTS!!! AIGOOOOO". Song Suki yelled. She was so furious.


She and Jiho have been best friends since high school, she was the only one who has the guts to fight with him and still the only one to reject his advances. He could remember when they first meet, he was breaking up with one of his girlfriend a she hugged him pleading, he was so agitated that he pushed the girl off and she fell on the floor crying. She was just walking past and saw a crowd gathered there, curious about what's going on she crawled her way to the front only to see him pushing the girl off and walking away, angry with this, she picked up a stone and throw him hitting his head and screaming loudly, "HEY DICKHEAD STOP RIGHT THERE!!!" Everyone was so shocked even Jimmy. He felt a liquid rolling down his head and touched it only to see blood. He turned angrily and looked at her, as if that was not enough, she walked him and slapped him in front of everyone.

He was stunned, his bodyguards wanted to step in but he stopped them. He looked at the girl, she was really short, only 4.5 inch tall, she has bright big round green animated eyes with long eyelashes and a round face, her hair was very black and packed in a messy bun, her lips were red and small, he could see that she matured before her age having beautiful curves in all the right places. He smirked inwardly and was pleased with the view, 'she's really beautiful', he thought.

"You must be new here, what's your name?" Suki was flabbergasted by his arrogance, "Yes I'm new, and you don't need to know me besides I don't tell imbeciles my name". Everyone was so stunned and angry with her, Jimmy laughed hysterically. The girl he drew got up and ran like a mad dog to s

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