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Throughout the day in his office, Jiseok couldn't stop thinking about his uncle suggestion. Chan woo entered the office to see his boss deep in thought. He gulped and didn't know whether to interrupt him or not. He stood there staring at him for thirty seconds before walking forward.

"Ummm.... Boss?" he called out softly adjusting his glasses, 'uh...it seems as it he didn't hear me'.

"Boss?" he called again raising his voice a little louder. Jiseok stepped out of his thoughts and stared at him coldly with a murderous look.

"This better be important". He said crossing his arms and legs. Chan woo gulped loudly and did a silent prayer.

"Boss you currently have a meeting with the Wang's enterprise to discuss about the project".

Jiseok looked at his watch and saw it was true. He got up and walked out of the office leaving a confused Chan woo.

"Are you just gonna stand there?" Jiseok stopped and turned back disgusted with him, and entered the elevator. Chan woo quickly run and entered the employees elevator.


"This is my granddaughter Wang Yoongi, she came from abroad and majored in business". The old chairman Wang introduced his granddaughter.

The girl has a black short straight hair, a beautiful pale white skin and a pair of heart-shaped pink lips. She did an heavy makeup and work a heavy perfume. She smiled seductively and stretched her hand to check him and to her surprise he rejected it. He didn't even glance at her or acknowledge her, she was fuming with anger. Nobody has ever dared to reject her before, to think that she wore a very short mini skirt and a crop top to expose her beautiful skin and curves only to be rejected.

'it's okay I still have time to seduce him, no man can refuse you, he's just playing hard to get', she said consoling herself.

"Chairman Wang I'm strictly here for business and not matchmaking, I suggest you show me your project, I have a busy schedule". Jiseok said with his stoic expression. Yoongi was stunned and speechless, he's so arrogant.

"Hahaha... I can see your father in you, but it's good to have a partner besides you to help you". The chairman laughed trying to contain his disappointment.

Jiseok stared at him tapping his fingers impatiently and checking the time. The chairman signed defeated and signaled for the presentation to begin.

"So what do you think? Yoongi was the one who specially handled the project". The old chairman smiled happily.

Jiseok was so angry that he slammed hid hands on the table loudly. Everyone became scared as his eyes became filled with anger.

"I'm sorry chairman Wang, I can't accept this proposal, if you will excuse me". Jiseok got up and stormed out of the restaurant leaving a stunned chairman Wang and Yoongi.


"Sir we are here". His driver opened the door for him. Today was hectic for him. He walked inside the house and was greeted by the aroma of food coming from the kitchen. He walke

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