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On reaching the table, Taner was stunned by what she see.

"Hey tan long time no see! How have you been? You work?" Hangul asked her. Jiseok just looked at her, 'she looks different', he thought. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a red bow, a tight fitted short wine skirt that showed her look slender and beautiful legs and much to his surprise she was wearing a black heel. She packed her beautiful dark red hair in a ponytail, and her bangs look longer covering her eyebrows. Her beautiful violet eyes was hidden under her long eyelashes. She even did a simple makeup with her seductive red lips. She was looking totally beautiful and like an international model. For some reason he feels as if he knows her from somewhere.

Taner immediately composed herself and gave them her professional smile, "Yes, so what would you like to have , this is our menu for the drinks, dessert and food". She gave them the menu. Her hands brushed with Jiseok and there was a spark between them.

"Well, I would like...." Hangul raised his head to order when he see their position, they were holding hands and looking intensely into each other eyes, he smiled internally. "You know you two can always go on another date or a double date with us". He jokingly said.

Taner immediately regained her composure and withdrew her hands immediately. She smiled awkwardly and different shades of red could be seen on her face. Jiseok cleared his throat and ran his hand through his light brown hair. He looked at Hangul coldly.

"Hey I'm just joking no need to get so serious, I would like to have Chili con Carne and Chimichanga for dessert and for the drinks I'll have Sungnyung". Hangul said smiling and giving back the menu to Taner.

"I'll have Chop Suey and Chinese chicken salad for dessert while for the drinks I'll have your best red wine". He said emotionless dropping the menu on the table.

Taner smiled and took the menu from the table and left. Jiseok watched her leave.

"Hey I'm over here, seems like you have fallen in love with Taner". Hangul grinned happily looking at Jiseok.

"I don't believe in that glitch called love so you can stop smiling before your face falls off, and she looks interesting". Jiseok bought out his phone and started working again. Hangul signed and gave up.

Taner bought their food for them and placed it on the table happily.

"Hey can we hang out later there's something important I have to tell you". Hangul said smiling. Taner just smile and nodded before leaving to attend to other customers.

The rest waitress were glaring and shooting daggers at Taner but she just ignore them.

"Look at the way she was flirting with them".

"Yeah what a bitch!!"

"It's not been long she's working here but she is flirting with customers"

"Yeah, she belongs with the prostitutes on the street or strip clubs". One with chubby short body said giggling. The others also burst out laughing.

"I heard she sold herself to Park jungji".

"Oh my gosh, is she so desperate to be rich? What a cheap slut!" the chubby short one said spitting on the floor.

Taner heard everything, she actually didn't feel bad because she's getting used to all their jealousy. She finished her last table when she got a text from Hangul.

Hangul: hey tan are you through with work?

Taner: yeah I'm heading out now

Taner changed quickly, fell her hair and arranged it, took her bag and left. Just as she stepped outside, she saw a black Acura Legend was parked in front waiting for her. She tried to pass it but was surprised to see who it was.


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