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"Save us".

"Taner, help, please".

"You can never escape, you can run but you can never hide.....hahahahaha..." The invisible voice echoed and laughed. He turned to look at the people calling her for help and proceeded with brutally killing them before her eyes. Taner tried to free herself to save them but she couldn't.

She then sees her father who was the next. The voice laughed once more and plucked at the father's eyes throwing it in front of her. Taner trembled and screamed.



The voice laughed louder and cut off her father's head throwing it on her face.


Jiseok came up to check on her only to open the door to see her sweating and shaking. Her hair was as black as charcoal now and her eyes were black as charcoal too and blood was coming from her eyes as tears. She looked so pale.

He immediately ran to check her temperature and she was burning hot. Her heart was beating too fast more than normal and her blood pressure was increasing drastically. He has never seen anything like this.

He quickly soaked a cool damp washcloth on her forehead and wrist. He then filled a bowl with warm water and soaked a cloth in it before using it to clean her body continuously. He removed the dress she was wearing and wore her a light dress. He covered her with a light blanket. He quickly gave her acetaminophen but her body rejected it.

He quickly checked if any drugs was injected into her body and he was right. The drug was the one rejecting the drug. Another of his secret was that he was one of the best medical doctor in the world. With his knowledge he took her blood for testing to see which kind of drugs was injected into her bloodstream.

He was able to discover the drug and the cure for it. He immediately ran to the room and injected it to her. He changed the IV drip and put a new one. Her fever didn't reduce, he injected the acetaminophen into the drip.

It was already seven in the morning, Jiseok woke up and checked her temperature. It was normal, he breath a sign of relief. He got up and looked at her, her hair was still black as charcoal and her skin was as white as snow and pale.

"When are you going to wake up? Who are you? Why did you save me? I have so many questions for you so you must fight to live and survive". He said before leaving the room to answer his phone call.

"Hello uncle what's the matter? Are you missing me already". He teased but his uncle didn't laugh normally like he always did rather he was tense and called him a name to show this was an emergency.

"Blackjack I need you to find my god daughter, she has been missing since yesterday, I'll send you the details immediately, I give you twenty four hours to find her". Woo bin ended the call without waiting for Jiseok to reply.

"What....the..." Jiseok stared at his phone and he received the details of the girl. He opened the message only to see Taner as the

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