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Chapter 84: A Paper Crane is not Able to Fly


A paper crane was standing on the eaves.

Nobody would take notice of it; therefore, no one knew it was actually able to move.

Nevertheless, those who were not human would be easily aware of this movable paper crane.


This moment the paper crane made a slight movement and tried flying, it was slapped by something and squashed.

The killer muttered, “Another one, what are these eastern Taoists trying to do?”

Black Soul No.18 had beat no less than 5 cranes in the recent days. The long years had allowed No.18 to experience a variety of occult sciences.

This paper crane seemed to be called ‘A Guided Crane’—a miraculous Taoist magic art from ancient east… for seeking out people.

They were all knocked down by No.18—Black Soul No.18 didn’t think they were looking for it. Then, the only possibility was the target that was being protected.

“It appears to be necessary to report to Miss You Ye.” Black Soul No.18 thought inwardly.

Of course, No.18 couldn’t leave as his own will—The only possible time he could leave but wouldn’t go against You Ye’s instructions was when the target returned home under the new master’s eyes.


“When will this woman leave away? This is the fifth glass of mung bean smoothie…”

Ren Ziling was very patient, staying in the icehouse below KingKong’s home.

At the same time, old Taoist Yang Taizi opened his eyes with frowning expression, in an empty bungalow of the suburb. “Who is it… It has been over 3 days.”

“Did you fail again?”

An old man at the corner looked at Yang Taizi, saying with dissatisfaction, “What a good native Tao cultivator you are!”

While Yang Taizi mentioned it lightly, “There are very few people who could find the guided cranes. Those who can find them are people with unique skills. The guided crane can find the last person your disciple met… Ghost King Tongtian, it may be difficult for you to avenge your disciple. And from what I heard, it is because your disciple misused skills and did evil deeds which is taboo and will not be tolerated by this country. He got what he deserved.”

That old man suddenly stood up.

There were many tadpole-like words tattooed on his face, which gave him a pretty fearsome look at first sight.

Meanwhile, this witch doctor, who came from Southeast Asia, snorted and spoke in a weird Mandarin accent. “No matter what evil he committed, I will be the one to punish him! Yet I cannot ignore my disciple suddenly aging for no reason and finally commit suicide due to desperation! You promised that you can find the murderer, that was why I passed you the crystal skull! If you can’t, then we’re done here! I can do it myself!”

Yang Taizi wrinkled his brows, “Ghost King Tongtian, I had some dealings with you when I traveled in Southeast Asia, that’s the reason I am helping you. Though I’m a Tao cult

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