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Chapter 100: The Initial… Final Dance


Perhaps because she was too freaked out, the female colleague, who wore pinkish-purple evening dress, pushed away the dead body that fell on her by instinct and screeched once more.

The bright red dress… it rolled a little on the ground.

Therefore, a lot of her hair fell.

It ‘looked’ dozens of brightly lit floors towards the night sky… It was definitely a body that had traces of decay on it already.

The guests, ceremony ladies, and waiters at both side of the gate all turned pale with fright. All the ladies screamed followed that female colleague.

As if he couldn’t hear the screams, Guo Yushuo signed his name and walked towards the dead body in an red evening dress, getting down to his knees.

“Wenwen, how could you be so careless? Did you hurt yourself?” Guo Yushuo showed an pained expression.

“I’m OK, just took a slight bump.”

Listening to his girlfriend’s soft voice, Guo Yushuo gave a smile, “Then let’s go in… and show the most beautiful you to them.”

The falling female colleague dared not to make any sound, but just covered her mouth… and looked at Guo Yushuo soliloquized while facing the dead body, before holding her up again with happy smile. It was actually… like performing a nightmare.

By this time, Guo Yushuo lowered his head, looking at the … in his arm, mumbling while stepping on the entrance stage of the assembly room.

It was a stair with merely several steps, yet it looked endless to those frightened guys, who stepped back and shrank into themselves.

“Help… Help… Call the police… Call the police…”

What would one’s first response if a mentally unstable person appeared holding a dead body in his arms? Terrified? Fearful? Or worry? Would you be afraid this lunatic would become crazy and do something more shocking?

Anyway… No one would be going to stop him bravely.

This guy… was still talking to himself.

“Wenwen, look, all their gazes are on you.”

“The light here really matches this necklace best…”

“That person wears red dress like you; yet, isn’t as beautiful as you… How about going to greet the chairman?”

Seeing someone… holding a dead body and going towards him, the chairman of the company retreated step by step with a scared face.

“Quick… Who can stop this guy!!”

“I… You go, you…”

“Where are the security guards?”

“But… that’s a dead body… I don’t want to touch it, I…”

“I’ve called the police! So, so…”

The celebrities and elites, rich ladies and daughters who wore valuable formal dresses were unwilling to lay fingers on such a nasty and horrifying object.

Let alone preventing a madman who was likely to go bananas at any time and came in with a dead body.

‘It’s so strange.’

“Wenwen, don’t you think they’re weird? Oh, I see, they must be afraid of getting close to you! Because your extreme beauty reflects the ugliness of

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