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Chapter 164: A Sense of Being Fooled


After locking the iron door of the cement room with a chain, Kingkong checked around the room before leaving.

This place, located on a hill, had no water or electricity. It was bearable to not washing but not without food.

All of Ye Yan’s communication equipment had been destroyed by him. Plus with 4 special-made handcuffs and shackles and torture, he had suffered these days, along with the energy supported only by drinking water… he was not able to flee.

Of course, if it was possible, Kingkong wouldn’t have Ye Yan get out of his sight.

But since Lin Geng had mysteriously turned into a vegetable, his task in this area was problematic. The order from his organization was to pause all activities in this area.

While making sure that everything was safe, Kingkong left quickly— He wouldn’t leave for long but come back a second later as soon as he purchased some food from the civilian houses down the hill.

Nevertheless, he didn’t sense that every action of him was monitored by a pair of royal blue eyes.

Until Kingkong had walked far, You Ye walked to this cement room. Even though all the windows here had been covered… it couldn’t hide the sight of the servant girl.

In the room, Ye Yan was now shutting his eyes, lowering his head and body and trying to lean towards the wall, so that it could relieve the pressure supported by his legs. Taking the advantage of the time that Kingkong had left, he sought for more time to have a rest.

You Ye went to the back of the wall where Ye Yan was locked, and put her palms on the wall.


A slight sound was heard suddenly. Ye Yan opened his eyes and looked at his left wrist— the handcuff had been unlocked at this moment.

Crack, crack!

Then, it was followed by three successive sounds! The other handcuff and both shackles were curiously loosened!

Shifting abruptly from imprisonment to liberation had Ye Yan confused— There must be some trick here!

He had to contemplate meticulously who was that person who saved him… but he couldn’t get the answer. Perhaps Kingkong released him on purpose in order to know the identity of his contact when he escaped to get in touch with him?

Was he rescued by someone, or being played a cat and mouse trick?

Ye Yan frowned. He put his ear near to the wall to listen for sounds outside— Yet, to his disappointment, he didn’t hear any sounds except the chirping of cicadas.

Suddenly, a sound of a chain dropping on the floor was heard from the iron door. Ye Yan hurried there after a moment of hesitation, pushing open it with a little force.

It was the thick chain that was once used to lock the iron door.

Ye Yan walked around to check the cement room but found nothing.

“If he releases me purposely, it seems too naïve… but who can come to rescue me?” Ye Yan felt confused, “Or he does so and thinks that I’ll ‘see through’

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