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Chapter 228: Capture


Lui Yiyun touched her face, giving a puzzled look, “I wasn’t.”

“Oh, didn’t you?” Luo Qiu nodded, “Maybe I saw wrongly. Let’s go.”

Lui Yiyun followed him… then they went out.

The loud slamming sound woke up the landlady Luo Aiyu.

She wore the coat, feeling annoyed. Walking out of the room, she encountered Lui Yiyun and Luo Qiu.

She didn’t have time to consider why they came from the kitchen, Luo Aiyu took off the door bolt, replying impolitely, “I’m coming! Who’s that so early! Are you hurrying to hell!”

When she opened the door, she was astounded.

Some old guys stood out of the gate, followed by two dozen of people who held flashlights and some tools—farm tools.

Hoes, sickles, carrying poles, and so forth.

Luo Aiyu’s face was eclipsed by the panic. She swallowed her saliva, “Grandpa A Bao, what are you going to do?”

Seeing it was Luo Aiyu who opened the gate, A Bao stepped back, waving his hand and ordered, “It’s her! Catch her!”

Then several villagers over 50 hesitated, coming out and grabbing both hands of Luo Aiyu, pulling her out of the door, which was very rude.

Luo Aiyu fell down due to unsteadiness. Soon she was bound by ropes!

Luo Aiyu struggled, screaming, “Let me go! What are you doing! Let me go!”

“Gag her mouth!” A Bao ordered.

Then someone stopped Luo Aiyu’s mouth with a cloth.

Lui Yiyun rushed out with fright, being angry, “What will you do to my mum! Release her! Release her!”

But she was stopped by some villagers and could not get close.

The quarrel woke up everyone who lived in the resort.

Ren Ziling and Lizi came out first, and You Ye followed them. Ren Ziling witnessed the situation from the door, frowning, and walking out without consideration. But she was stopped by Luo Qiu.

Luo Qiu grasped her arm, pulling her back.

“Luo Qiu… what are you doing, release me.” Ren Ziling lowered her voice, saying seriously.

She didn’t believe Luo Qiu would stop her for no reason.

Luo Qiu shook his head, “This is not your place.”

Ren Ziling loured, sensing the seriousness of this issue. But she couldn’t stop showing her inborn sense of justice.

At the time Luo Aiyu was to be taken away, Ren Ziling couldn’t help asking, “Where will you take her to?!”

A Bao glanced at Luo Qiu group, asking back, “Who are you? I have never seen you in Lui Village.”

“We’re tourists!”

A Bao said, “It’s none of your business. Don’t lend a hand for an inside affair of Lui Village. Stay here, and enjoy your holiday!”

“What the… How can you say that?!”

A Bao ignored her words, waving his hand, “Let’s go!”

“Wait, did you consider this kid’s feelings?” Ren Ziling got raged, “We’re outsiders, is she the same? That’s her mother!”

A Bao looked at the falling Lui Yiyun indifferently, “Anyway, she’s not her biological mother! Her real mother has died of dystocia! This is the second wife of Lui Hai!”

“Excuse me?!”

Lui Yiyun raised her head inconceivably.

Ren Ziling and Lizi had the same expression.

“Ah—!!! Damn it!!!”

Abruptly, an indignant voice came from the room. That was Lui Yiyun’s grandpa—Lui Buhai who got Alzheimer’s disease!

Lui Buhai face was ferocious, rushing out with a carrying pole, waving it aimlessly, shouting with agitation, “Let her go!! Let go of my wife!! Let Shui Er go! Release her!!”


But the old Lui Buhai was pressed down easily by some villagers.

Lui Buhai kicked his legs, “Release me! Release me!! Bastard, you’re all bastards!! Release my wife! Let her go!!”

“Lui Buhai!! You idiot! Your wife is dead! She’s not your wife!” A Bao snorted, waving his hand, “Let’s go to Hear-The-Sea Cliff!”

Lui Buhai couldn’t stand up. Seeing the villagers leave, he cried sadly like a child, “Don’t go! Don’t go!! Give back my wife! Give back…”

The girl ran to Lui Buhai, huggin

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