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Chapter 53: The Perfume


Before opening the door, Tu Jiaqing suddenly felt she was fortunate.

She had hesitated while choosing doing good deed or giving up her soul… However, now, she realized she had made a right decision in abandoning the good deed option.

It meant she could not do anything evil.

Since she had become the elder sister, two identical individuals couldn’t exist together… which meant only one of them could stay behind.

While thinking about that, she grabbed a lamp by the bedside table.

The moment the door opened, Tu Jiaqing’s glance turned ferocious, smashing the lamp forcibly towards the person in front.

A panicked scream was heard before Tu Jiaya fell down. The lamp struck her right on the head, injuring her scalp in that split second.

Tu Jiaqing’s hand trembled, letting the lamp fall to the ground.

She gazed at both her hands shakily, before collapsing to the ground as the strength left her legs… what did she do?

And what did she see?

The collapsed girl… was clearly herself!

Not only had she became Tu Jiaya while Tu Jiaya had turned into herself— Their identities had been swapped.

‘Maybe my sister hadn’t looked at herself in the mirror or maybe she didn’t notice the sudden change…’

She didn’t know how long time had passed before she saw Tu Jiaqing’s eyebrow starting to twitch. She showed signs of waking up.

Was she merely unconscious?

Tu Jiaqing breathed a sigh of relief… Nevertheless, the surge of fear made her tremble again—what would the situation be after her sister woke up?

Everything was…

She rushed about the room, ransacking it. Finally, she tore some clothes. Then tied up the Tu Jiaya who hadn’t completely recovered her consciousness, covering her eyes and gagging her.

Looking at terrified and struggling Tu Jiaya, who was attempting to say something but could only give out ‘Urk’ voices, Tu Jiaqing paced about frantically.

She didn’t know what to do.

All of a sudden, she pinched her own face, looking at the clothes that didn’t fit her… Had she swapped bodies with her sister as well instead of just a simple face change?

“It’s all your fault… your fault… Don’t blame me…”

Ren Ziling was holding Luo Qiu’s clothes, suddenly she felt realized something odd.

She frowned, lifting the clothes to her nose, and inhaling deeply.

“That’s weird… why is there the smell of perfume on the clothes?”

She came home early today and found a pile of unwashed laundry, thus decided to fulfill her obligation as a mother.

With holding the clothes, Ren Ziling twitched like a dog, walking into Luo Qiu’s room.

It was not Luo Qiu’s habit to wear perfume… However, his room was filled with this kind of light fragrance.

This kind of light and gentle scent seem to suit a girl more, rather than the cologne used by a man.

Ren Ziling sat at the edge of his bed in doubt. “It shouldn’t be the mother daughter pair I saw that evening… Could it be Zhang Qingrui? They are classmates… No, the manager of Gu Yue Zhai does not use this kind of fragrance…”

“Can it be… from his girlfriend?” Ren Ziling squinted her eyes and felt delighted, smelling deeply the scent of the perfume attached on the clothes one more time.

It was a good smell, light but elegant, one that female’s would enjoy wearing. Ren Ziling felt that she would like to have this kind of fragrance as well.

‘Hum, this girl seems to have a good taste!’

While she was thinking about that.

“What are you doing?”

Luo Qiu was standing at the door, looking at Ren Ziling, who was inhaling the scent of his clothes.

Ren Ziling opened her mouth, her entire body froze, gazing at the Luo Qiu that suddenly appeared.

When did this guy come back? Why there was no sound… Wait! That was not the point! The current situation was terrible!

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