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Chapter 149: Repetitive Nightmares


The sound of rain couldn’t be heard anymore.

Luo Qiu walked a round in the office, going to the cabinet in the meeting room. He suddenly stretched out to touch the place where the ball was put before.

Pressing the hand on the wooden partition, Luo Qiu closed his eyes.

Zhang Qingrui had asked if he heard or saw anything— Considering that her memory of the matter happened in the underground palace had been erased, Luo Qiu was definitely not willing to express anything.

Instead of saying that Ms. Zhang saw her, it might be better to say she was attracted to Ms. Zhang.

Luo Qiu withdrew his palm and walked out from the dean’s office, coming to sit on the bench in the aisle.

He closed eyes again. Yet, this time he just kept them close for a mere breath. When he opened his eyes once again, there was a little girl standing in front of him.

She was clean, a hint of unease showed on her pink cheeks. The girl was wringing her dress while lowering her head.

“Well.” Luo Qiu blinked his eyes, patting the seat next to him. “Take a seat here.”

The little girl looked at Luo Qiu with fear, without daring to reply. She took a step back, shaking her head.

While Luo Qiu had a patient character, patting the seat again, saying gently, “Take a seat.”

The little girl hesitated for a second, then moved with little steps. After sizing this big brother up and down anxiously, she sat down, but still lowered her head.

“Well.” Luo Qiu lowered his head and look at her with soft words, “Were you playing a joke on us?”

The little girl shook her head and still did not say anything.

Luo Qiu thought for a moment, “Then who it is?”

She raised her head slowly and said suddenly, “Big bro, can you save my elder sister?”

Luo Qiu fell silent, then gently stroked her head, “Aren’t you worried that you’ll vanish then?”

She raised her head, with a firm look. “No, I won’t.”

“Give me your hand.” Luo Qiu stretched out his hand on his thigh, opening the palm towards her. “Let me see how I can save your sister.”

The little hands reached for his palms gradually. Then the little girl and Luo Qiu closed their eyes at the same time.

Dismayed cries and grieved screams.

Every stab from the sharp steel needle with fish wire pierced through her lips, pierced through her lips.

In front, the look from a crazy man who lost his marbles… there was only the steel needle and fish wire. A crazy man’s face emerged from the darkness slowly.

Then the man’s palm that was catching the needle turned clear gradually.

The needle was pierced through her lips little by little.

After stabbing, the fish wire was pulled crazily!

The fish wire went through her upper lip and under lip crazily. The continuous pain was several times fiercer than that of the being pierced by needles.

The pain had been spread all over her

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