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Chapter 165: Brave Japanese Car, Become a Scapegoat!


Edward•Elgar, ‘Salut d’Amour’.

The gentle, moving sound of violin rang out and it came to the solo part of Fang Jiping. This was the last day for practicing and tomorrow would be the formal performance for the banquet.

Fang Ruchang was quite satisfied with Fang Jiping’s performance— He was clearer than anyone about the great efforts that his son had been making in playing the violin for all these years.

After a piece of music, a soft clap was heard suddenly. Fang Ruchang looked at the direction of the sound, seeing a man of his age walking towards him with a smile on his face.

Fang Jiping put down the instruments at this moment, walking towards both of them. He nodded to Fang Ruchang then turned to the other man, speaking primly, “Uncle, you’re here too.”

“Take it easy.” This man smiled, “Mrs. Zhang also invited your grandfather. However, he’s now abroad and cannot come back, so he asked me to represent him to attend. I’ve read the playbill and knew you’ll be performing at the banquet, so I come here to visit and see your practice.”

Fang Ruchang now asked, “Dad is still abroad? How is he recently?”

This man was called Wu Qiubin. He had a family history of running shipping business. Now, when he heard Fang Ruchang’s question, he answered fishily, “He’s OK, just some minor illnesses.”

“He should have more rest.” Fang Ruchang said with a smile, “Oh yeah, I’ve known an old traditional Chinese doctor. I want to introduce him to dad…”

“Leave it for now.” Wu Qiubin answered randomly before grabbing Fang Jiping’s hand, smiling. “Come here, let’s have a chat, I’ve not seen you for around a year, how are you these days?”

There were not only Fang Jiping and Fang Ruchang in the band, but when they saw such a scene… other members wouldn’t say anything. They even pretended deliberately that they didn’t see this.

Conductor Fang was born into a poor family. He seemed to fallen in love with the daughter of Wu’s Family when he was young. Of course he was forbidden to marry her; so, the young conductor eloped with the honorific lady. But it was heard that the lady died of illness not many years later, leaving Fang Ruchang and Fang Jiping forever.

Perhaps it was due to shame that the Wu Family admitted Fang Ruchang… Surely, any clever person could see that the one they really received was the posthumous child of the deceased lady of the Wu’s.

After that, with the secret support of Wu’s Family, Fang Ruchang gained a number of chances, and now he could be identified as a famous conductor.

In other words, it was an example that a father became famous due to his son.

At a side, Wu Qiubin patted Fang Jiping’s hand, saying softly, “How is your life recently?”

Fang Jiping took a side glance at Fang Ruchang and look back at Wu Qiubin, still staying cautious, “Everything is good.”

Wu Qiubin said sud

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