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Chapter 197: Kneel Down, Kowtow


Ye Yan held the wall, sitting down slowly somewhere in the alley.

He didn’t see clearly who was the one that rescued him… When that man was rescuing him, he seemed to stab something into Ye Yan’s body. After that, he fell into a drowsy state and found himself in a park when he regained his consciousness.

Ye Yan unwittingly thought of the time where he was probably rescued by someone last time when he was caught by KingKong accidentally.

‘Twice… Are they the same person?’

Ye Yan frowned. He fished out a red string from his collar. There was a small lucky lock tied to the string.

The main reason he came back was to seek the hiding location of the Micheal Club’s cargo. But there was another reason–––this lucky lock.

It was sent to him with a letter before the accident took place— There was only one sentence in the letter: to check-in at a hotel in the city called Peace Hotel before a specific time.

There was time left since he had just returned to this country. So Ye Yan kept monitoring Kingkong while waiting for the specific time to arrive. Since it was the first time he was rescued by some kind man he didn’t know, he just came straightaway to Peace Hotel to heal his wounds.

“The one that rescued me–––and the one who sent the letter to are the same person?” Ye Yan thought subconsciously. However, he couldn’t figure out what was the intention of this mysterious man.

But this lucky lock was the reason that made him follow the instructions written on the letter!

Because this lucky lock was the object that he put in the funerary casket of his deceased girlfriend… Meanwhile, it was also what he had been bringing with him since he was a kid. It was given by his parents to ensure his safety.

Clenching his fists, Ye Yan’s look revealed coldness— When he got off the airplane, at first he didn’t go to visit Ma Houde in the hospital. Instead, he went to Xiaochun’s tomb first.

The tomb was ruined by someone!

But he really couldn’t figure out…what he should do if the person who ruined the tomb and the one who rescued him were the same person.

No matter if they were the same person, the one who ruined the tomb had successfully enraged him regardless what was his intention.

Ye Yan took a deep breath. Standing up by holding the wall, step by step he went deep into the alley— He’d spent 10 years working in this city, therefore he should know how to return to Peace Hotel in the safest and the most secretive way.

But Ye Yan didn’t think he would bump into Ma Houde when he returned to Peace Hotel again. The pudgy Ma Houde who was sticking up both of his hands laid on the sofa, forcing himself not to doze off… When Ye Yan came in, Officer Ma jumped up and rushed to him.

He eventually found Ye Yan here.

The boss who was dozing off at the front desk took a glimpse at him, putting on the headphones wisely and faking that he didn’t know anything about the matter between them. The most wicked bane in the city, Sir Ma, was in the town, how dared he eavesdrop!

But Ma Houde pulled Ye Yan to aside.

“How did you find me here?” Ye Yan frowned…Too many things had happened today and it was very chaotic.

Ma Houde snorted, “Isn’t there something you should tell me?”

Ye Yan sighed, “Bro, sorry that I knocked you down.”

Then Ma Houde’s look turned better, “It wasn’t me who found you here. Ziling told me you’re here. Have you forgotten that our sister is more resourceful than us, the public officials?”

Ye Yan was shocked before shaking his head with a wry smile. He glanced at the hotel boss… Maybe he was Ren Ziling’s spy.

At this moment, Ma Houde kneaded Ye Yan’s shoulder, “Well, you got well quickly in just a few days. The last time I saw you, you were just starting to vomit blood.”

“I won’t die because my bones are hard enough.”

Ma Houde’s look became serious sudde

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