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Chapter 261: If Nobody Knows, It’ll be Good for Everyone, Is That Right?


The bullet in the tranquilizer gun looked like a dart. Such a weapon would produce quick shots. Oleg felt that he was not like Oriental martial artists in movies; hence, it was impossible for him to escape from it.

But he showed quick reflexes.

After breaking the wall of his heart, it was like the old days— he felt that his body was exhausted, but a conviction of never giving up was gradually growing in his heart.

He and Anton dragged Nikita to the back of the martial ring as soon as possible, to keep away from the sight of Andrew’s troops!

These two guys were so gruesome that they could get out of such a huge iron cage! Andrew’s henchmen, although armed with tranquilizer guns and stun guns, had to approach them cautiously.

No one wanted to receive the heavy blows of these two brown bear-like guys.

“How are you feeling?”

Leaning against the ring, Oleg took a deep breath to recover his physical strength, all the while he was looking at Anton.

This sudden question surprised Anton a little, but he quickly smiled and said, “It’s wonderful! It would be even better if you could give them a heavy punch!”

Oleg smiled and suddenly patted Anton on the shoulder. “Have you seen the cable that links to the iron net?”

Anton nodded.

Oleg whispered a few words to Anton. It made Anton nervous and excited but he also gave a firm nod.

“Go! Brave young man! I will be proud of you in your father’s place!” Oleg said.

“Thank you!” Anton showed a slight smile. When he rushed out from the back of the ring, he had engraved a deep impression of Oleg’s eyes.

He even gave out a roar!

“Over there!”

A few strong men were holding their tranquilizer guns, aiming at him at the same time— but Anton had a monstrous explosive force. He sprinted so fast that all of them couldn’t even capture his shadow!

The tranquilizer bullet missed the target. Just then, Anton grabbed a guy whom he had punched down. He thought having this guy in front of him acted as a good human shield!

“Don’t only target this guy! There’s one more over there!” Andrew snorted.

He responded quickly and ordered his henchman to pay attention to the other side, but it was too late!

‘Anton, close your eyes!”

With his huge muscles, Oleg pulled down the cable of the iron net. Looking at the exposed wires of the cable, Oleg exhaled a long breath to reassure himself, and closed his eyes. Then, he quickly linked the positive and negative anode of the wires together…


In an instant, all the lights of the ring had been extinguished! So the death match that was scheduled at midnight became a blackout!

Still, the streetlights from a few vents managed to provide a dim source of light!


When the lights went out, a terrible cry was heard, followed by loud sounds of a few heavy items

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