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Chapter 150: Chasing


She was named Wang Luo.

After graduating from the university, she’d been working there under the arrangement of her family.

She had two marriages without kids… It seemed that she didn’t want to have children. The two marriages were finally broken because of the lack of a child.

Recently, an idea of resignation had emerged from her mind. Maybe she simply wanted to change her working environment, or maybe it was because of fatigue or other reasons.

Zhang Qingrui hoped that she could gain more answers from Teacher Wang—Wang Luo’s mouth.

She didn’t remember how many times she had pushed down Wang Luo from the stairs. She always woke up from struggling, before returning to the original place. After opening her eyes, she would always see Wang Luo again.

Then, she would ask Teacher Wang Luo to help her go down from the stairs involuntarily. Each time she pushed her down from the stairs, only needing about ten seconds.

It’d always ended with this sentence, “Teacher, I am under the weather, can you help me walk down the stairs?”

Everytime, she was filled with guilt and pain as she wanted to pull Teacher Wang Luo up, but with the same fate, she would roll down from the stairs with her every time.

How many times had the same situation been repeated?

Ten times? A score? Thirty times? Or more?

Zhang Qingrui started to think— Why did she have to push Teacher Wang Luo down to the stairs each time?

As if she’d like to end Wang Luo’s life.

This hypothesis was so horrible that Ms. Zhang had to come up with an answer, which was more unacceptable— That was, if she did not push Wang Luo down to kill her, she would not get rid of the nightmare forever.

She could not rescue herself using this way.

However, this thought constantly kept circulating again and again. Only she knew the pain and helplessness, which kept striking on her nerves, over and over again.

Not knowing how long she could insist, two entirely different ideas had emerged in her heart.

‘I can’t do that…’

‘If I adjust the angle using maximum strength at the very next time, Teacher Wang can probably fall to death…’

She woke up again from the cycle.

She was eager to find some place where she could escape through, instead of sitting still waiting for death!

Watching Wang Luo questioning with concern by her side, Zhang Qingrui suddenly grabbed her arm, asking quickly, “Teacher, do you know a little girl? She was wearing a blue and white plaid skirt, probably six or seven years old. Oh yeah, she also takes a bowknot hair clasp…”

The words had been suddenly interrupted.

“I don’t know.”

Teacher Wang Luo’s voice suddenly turned from deep concern to indifferent. She said, “Student, let me help you walk down.”


The cry from her heart turned abruptly into an accepting sentence. Zhang Qingrui felt she was like a puppet who was watching her body, behavior, and words without control, “Thank you…”

Even the tone didn’t belong to herself.


Suddenly, she gnashed her teeth, the courage that was generated from her heart shook off the constraints and had Zhang Qingrui catch Wang Luo’s hand.

Instead of walking down, they went upstairs!

The sudden change gave Wang Luo, who was being dragged up the stairs after several steps, a start. She frowned, “Student, what are you doing?”

“Teacher, I don’t have time to explain to you too much! The most important thing is that I don’t want you to die.” Zhang Qingrui didn’t look back. Since they couldn’t go downstairs, they just turned back to go upstairs to have a look. They might get the answer there.

She thought of the words from her only classmate.

“Wait. Student, what did you say? What die?”

In the corridor, Zhang Qingrui said rapidly with a pale face, “I don’t know, but you, my classmate and I, we’ve all been in a pretty weird envir

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