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Chapter 55: The Account book


“Heaven Shadow Limited Inc?”

Cheng Yun was reading the material that Zhong Luochen passed to him.

Grandpa’s health had been getting better and better. He even started to practice TaiChi now. If his descendants hadn’t suggested that he stay for a further observation for another several days, he would have went back to the capital city already.

But his grandpa didn’t seem to mind staying here.

“I have decided to expand in this area here for several years.” Zhong Luochen said indifferently. “There are several projects for now. Heaven Shadow Entertainment is considered the largest and most powerful company here. Their vice president sought me out recently… Well, you can go get information of that company first.”

Expanding here in recent years? Cheng Yun couldn’t help wondering. Without question, the old master would go back to the capital, because the Zhong Family headquarters was there.

The Grandpa’s miraculous recovery must be due to some unknown methods used by the second young master. However, everyone knew the result was due entirely to the second young master’s actions. Simply put, the second young master saved his grandfather’s life.

The discussion these days in the Zhong Family all concerned the second young master. He made such a huge contribution, and should be treated well by the old master.

Unexpectedly, He would stay in this place, far away from the capital! It didn’t make sense!

Cheng Yun did not dare to express the slightest hint of his own ideas. He said instead, “Boss Zhong, I remember Heaven Shadow Entertainment should be the company that signed a contract with the new pop star that became famous, Tu Jiaya.”

Zhong Luochen nodded: “Heaven Shadow Entertainment seems to want to enter into the film industry… movies were always played major part in the cultural industry.”

Cheng Yun nodded. He understood the situation of the domestic film industry. Whether domestic or foreign, under the system, any movie without a rating would be checked by SARFT(The State Administration of Radio Film and Television).

But… who cares? To let the Zhong Family accept him, of course he had to use various ways to butter up his master.

Cheng Yun was excited. Setting the results aside, merely going through the procedures would give him large benefits.

“What is Tai Yinzi doing?”

The boss who just came back to the club frowned.

This was because an additional computer had appeared here and Tai Yinzi was sitting at the computer, typing Intently on the keyboard.

Typing using two fingers.

“You Ye said: “He said he wanted to learn more about the world, so he gave three extra workdays as payment in exchange for this computer.”

It was the servant girl—You Ye, who basically took charge of all the scheduling and management concerning the jobs of the black soul envoys.

It should have been the boss’s duty. However, it might be due to the fact that the previous boss was too passive, hence this work had been handed over to You Ye for hundreds of years.

As the new master…he thought that since she was experienced in that job, she would surely do a better job than him! Therefore he didn’t worry about that.

After all, You Ye had been always loyal…

Of course , under all kinds of reasons, black soul envoys worked for free for the club. Their soul already belonged to the club. So if they wanted something, they would have to exchange those items using good results.

Tai Yinzi’s serving time was 500 years. As he hadn’t completed any task, if he wanted something, he would have to increase his serving time for the club. Of course, the one who would work for such a long period of time was only him.

Luo Qiu simply gazed at him with his mouth opened wide. He then shook his head. “Install a firewall and an ad blocker on the computer. This guy was definitely not someone that wou

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