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Chapter 87: Actions Follow the Setting Sun


“He’s missing?”

During the time between classes, girls were sharing their own secrets. Though their voices were low, it could still be heard.

“It’s been two days. His cellphone and wallet are there… but he can be found,” A thin girl whispered.

“Probably he’s drinking somewhere?” Another girl expressed her own opinion and comforted, “Besides, isn’t it good? Your father always punches and swears at you and your mother after getting drunk.”

The emaciated girl let out a sigh as if she was loath to talk more about this issue.

A sudden slam sounded at the lateral seat. It was from another girl, who was the subject representative of Chinese class, Luo Xin.

She was glaring at the person she woke up—the guy who slept all through the entire class.

“Mo Xiaofei, you haven’t handed in your homework!”

Mo Xiaofei rubbed his eyes, stunned for a second and looked at the representative, “Can I hand it in later…”

He totally forgot to do the homework.

“At latest, you should hand it in before leaving school.”

“I see.” Mo Xiaofei said as he gazed somewhere else.

Luo Xin nodded and stepped away, leaving behind the scent of a youthful girl. Mo Xiaofei looked at her shadow in a trance—Who knows why but he felt that he couldn’t see her appearance very clearly.

It wasn’t that she was invisible or that he didn’t know how she looked.

But, there was an indistinct sense.

This girl was not extremely beautiful but was very strong-willed. The him before was weak, hence these characters that he didn’t possess attracted him deeply, more than the usual attraction from the opposite gender.

“Can the current I… see you clearly?”

Mo Xiaofei mumbled.

Yet, he shook his head soon after. He had something more important to do. After breathing deeply, Mo Xiaofei continued to lie on the table and sleep… If he didn’t sleep now, he would be devoid of vigor in the evening.

Might be due to the frequent exertion from his telekinesis ability, Mo Xiaofei always felt exhausted.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, Mo Xiaofei took a glance at that weak girl.

‘Don’t mention it. Once that guy finished his confession and is aware of his wrongdoings, he’ll go back to you…’

Then his sight turned into darkness.

In the dark, the acid smell of sweat was mixed with the slight odor of blood and the rusty iron.

In this untraversed abandoned factory, the people being hung by chains had increased up to 30, from the less than 10 originally.

In a short two days.

You Ye sized up each man and woman, giving a light chuckle before walking up to Luo Qiu at last.

The boss was currently turning pages of a notebook with a soft cover. The pages inside stated what crimes these guys committed—The reason they needed to be put into the ‘jail’ and what kind of ‘penalty’ they should deserve.

“A hit-and-run rich second generation, domestic violence-prone husband…” Luo Qiu abruptly closed the notebook and put it back, “All of these are people can avoid the law.”

You Ye picked up that notebook, giving it a quick scan. “They are from far places. Looks like Mo Xiaofei is quite ‘hard-working’… wonder how long he can keep it up.”

Luo Qiu was looking at those guys. They had experienced torture, hadn’t eaten for two days, but could still fall asleep even though they were caught.

“Should we rescue them?” You Ye suddenly asked, “If they vanished, Mo Xiaofei might only continue using his ability… Moreover, they needed to be saved.”

Miss Servant Girl was giving a hint to the boss, that they were all ready customers.

Nevertheless, the boss shook his head because he had other plans in mind.

Luo Qiu said calmly, “Due to the increasing missing people, the police will pay closer attention to it and will discover this place earlier or later. And Mo Xiaofei doesn’t have any intention of

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