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Chapter 103: Breaking the Tao


Professor Qin Fang drove out early, saying he would head back to the university to take something. Therefore, only Luo Qiu and Zhang Qingrui were left in this several-decades old house.

Both were enrolled in the university, plus it would merely take him several hours to have a round trip, so the professor wasn’t worried about burglary.

Due to the weird behavior of Zhang Qingrui, Luo Qiu took a glance at the clean bones on the work table.

Except the odd condition at the first day, he no longer felt any poem sentence or words coming from those bones.

Zhang Qingrui opened the door and went out, Luo Qiu maintained silent, following her after taking a glance.

He tried calling Zhang Qingrui at the back; yet, it was as if she didn’t hear it, and merely walked forward with each step.

If she put on a Chinese Han Clothing, she would look like a girl from a big and noble family in ancient times.

Zhang Qingrui halted at the door under the stairs. She just stayed there, without talking or entering.

After a long time, Luo Qiu went to Zhang Qingrui, observing her face.

She was staring… at the back of this door.

Luo Qiu had a guess what that place was and looked at its position— under the stair… the space should be used as a storage room.

Yet, he still stepped forward and grabbed the handle, trying to turn it.

“It’s locked.”

Luo Qiu didn’t release it… a sound of something being turned was heard from the lock. When he turned it again, it had been unlocked—by his special ability.

Luo Qiu opened the door.

It turned out it was not the place to put sundries— In fact, he didn’t even see the space inside because there was another door behind this one.

Luo Qiu knocked on it subconsciously– It was a steel door.

The lock was still an electronic lock.

A normal person wouldn’t fix such a door and lock— There might be some precious objects or something they avoid showing others.

Luo Qiu was unwilling to invade others people’s privacy unless it was absolutely necessary or in the situation where new customers came to the club.

Luo Qiu didn’t take a further action because he sensed that the object behind to metal door might be what the professor would not want to expose.

Thus, he closed the first door.

But Zhang Qingrui still maintained her staring face.

“I don’t know what you want to express.” Luo Qiu fell silent for a while, before saying suddenly, “Anyway, since you are a person from ancient times, why are you still lingering here?”

Luo Qiu recalled Lu Zigang(an ancient artist and sculptor) of the time, who used to be a soul drifting in human society for hundreds of years.

Some of his characters could be seen on Zhang Qingrui.

Unexpectedly, Zhang Qingrui fell down then— as if she ran out of energy.

Actually she just fell asleep.

Arguably, he should be the one that was much

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