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Chapter 151: We Had a Promise


Wang Luo was not the biological kid of her current parents but their adopted daughter.

“At that time, my father was laid off and stayed at home for about one year. The heavy responsibility of supporting my family had been shifted to my mother. Women of that era had a hard life and male chauvinism was very serious. So that was why my mother couldn’t hold a family for long.”

Wang Luo talked about something she had forgotten, “Suddenly, one day, I saw my father becoming crazy after coming back from school and broke all the objects in the house. That night he became drunk with a letter in his hand written by my mother… or it should be called a note because there were only three words ‘I have left ‘.”

“Later, I heard many rumors. Some people said my mother married an overseas Chinese who returned to China, some said she went to a further place to work, while others mentioned that they found her working in a nightclub. I don’t know exactly which one is true… But my father seemed to believe all the rumors.”

Even though she was already over 30, in Zhang Qingrui’s current perspective, Wang Luo was like a helpless little girl.

She clasped her own hands and said in an unusually disgusted tone, “You can’t imagine how ugly he is when a man tries to escape from the reality… It’s too serious to be forgiven even though he was my father. There was a period of time… I remember it was in summer, I could only wear winter clothes to go to school. Do you know why? That was because I was afraid of the exposure of my wound on my hands and feet to my classmates. There were scars here and there.”

Wang Luo let out a sigh, saying in a low voice, “I couldn’t bear such an inhuman torture any longer. I wanted to escape from that cold family… That night, that ugly man revealed his lowliness, cowardliness, and his incapability again. It seemed that he could only keep the remaining of a man’s self-esteem through the cruel beating of his daughter.”

Wang Luo stretched out her hands suddenly, “I was very afraid… I grabbed the kettle and smashed it towards his head mercilessly! Then he fell down to the ground in pain! I saw his forehead started bleeding! I felt even more dreadful, thus I ran out of the house at all cost… He chased me! I kept running and he kept chasing me from behind! I was too panicked to choose a way to escape, so I finally went to hide in a construction site nearby! He picked up an iron stick from somewhere… kept striking and hitting… like a crazy person. He kept beating many things around… ”

Wang Luo retrieved her hands, holding her arms tightly again. She quivered slightly, “Just like now, hiding here.”

“And what happened later?” Zhang Qingrui asked.

Wang Luo lowered and shook her head, “I have no idea. I forgot about that… I just remembered that I was not at that place after waking up, but in an unfamiliar street. I was wandering along

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